Journal Entry

Sept. 4th to Sept. 10, 2002

On Wednesday, September 4th, I took the girls to COSI in Columbus. When Shayne came home, I told him it was positively the best day of my entire life. The girls learned a ton and we had so much fun. Christi is always at her best when she is learning something. Christi walked the entire five hours as I didn't take the double stroller. We also went shoe shopping downtown after COSI.

On Thursday she complained that her right leg hurt and I thought it was because she walked so much at COSI and because of her new shoes. She went to bed about 6:30 PM that night.

On the way to school Friday she didn't seem very happy about it and I thought that was really odd because this kid LOVES school like nothing else. Well, I brought her home a bit early from school on Friday (September 6th) with a fever. The girls in her class told me, "Christi cried today" and the teacher told me she complained of leg pain. (both very unusual)

I took her to her Doctor on Saturday morning because of her fever and leg pain and he put her on Zithromax for a sore throat. He said that the pain in her right leg and hip was probably growing pains or where the infection set in from her throat.

On Sunday the 8th her fever remained the entire day. In the afternoon she started screaming with stomach pain then she cried herself to sleep. After a nap, she woke up not able to breathe. I rushed her to the emergency room. They suspected it was her appendix but then the blood work came back normal. They admitted her and I was able to stay in her room. My dearest friend, Becky (who was also in the operating room with Christi the day she was born!) was her nurse. We had the best care!!

Monday morning (September 9th) they did a CAT scan and saw "something" at the top.

Tuesday morning (Sept. 10th) in Mercy Hospital of Tiffin they did another CAT scan. I expected to be told it was nothing and to go home like they did with the back pain she had last April/May that we had many trips to the Doctor and ER for, but nothing was found then and we were told it was constipation. So on this day, I was surprised to have the doctor, a nun, priest and nurse come in and tell me that she had a 3 inch tumor touching her heart and spine and that it could be cancerous. They transferred her to Children's hospital in Columbus, Ohio. I quickly drove home, threw some stuff in a suitcase, asked our wonderful neighbor to take care of Christi's new kitten (Buttercup) and off we went.