Journal Entry

September 11, 2002

Dear Family and Friends,

Thanks for all of your prayers and concerns about our 5 year old daughter, Christi. It appears that we'll be here at Children's Hospital in Columbus for a while. They haven't yet "named the beast" however, we were just taken into a consulting room with the Dr. Davis in charge and he did not give us good news. He said that the tumor is all around her heart and aorta and her esophagus. He said that these tumors are typically malignant. As soon as they can get her scheduled to get a piece of it out of her back they will. (Dr. just dropped by. It'll be at noon tomorrow.)

They will not move her to the oncology (cancer) floor until they know for sure, but he said that it's more than likely where we're going, but they have to test a piece of this. He said he has seen others with this survive and he's seen other children die as a result. It is more than likely life threatening and they're going to treat it with the best people possible. He doesn't want to jump the gun until he knows more, but thinks that chemo is the way to go to try to shrink it and then get it out of her. She's on morphine for the pain now and is still in considerable pain.

Father Mark was here and prayed with us. He also do an anointing of the sick. We're absolutely SHOCKED and in denial I believe. She's such a fighter (at least with her mind) I hope she can kick this. Your prayers are appreciated, as is your email as it's helping me to pass the time. They are keeping her here in 611 W until she gets a new room assignment which they said will more than likely be on the 5th floor (east side I think) after they know exactly what type of tumor it is. My mother has Shayla in Upper Sandusky and we really miss her and wish she and Christi were fighting or playing together right now instead of going through this. That's all the news as we have it.