Journal Entry

Monday 5:30 PM, September 30, 2002

Subject: One-step forward, one step back

After a super six days at home, Christi spiked a 102-degree fever at 8:00 PM last night. She was doing so well; we thought she’d make it until her Monday morning appointment, but did not. Being at home was absolutely wonderful! It did her so much good to sleep in her own bed, use her own bathroom, play with her own toys, kitten and sister and to eat her own food. It was almost like things were back to normal and that this nightmare was not really happening.

Sunday at 7PM we all settled in the living room to watch Monsters, Inc. (Thanks, Depinets!). She was resting on top of me on the couch and I started to give her her daily massage therapy when I noticed that she felt warm. Shayne brought me the thermometer and we discovered she had a fever. Well, THIS TIME we were prepared!!

We quickly picked up a few things and loaded up the van. We told the girls that we had to take Christi back to the hospital. Christi asked, “Are they going to poke me?” and Shayla asked, “Who’s going to baby sit me?” I can tell what their fears are and it breaks my heart. I desperately wish we were not doing this.

Well what FABULOUS neighbors we have!! I feel sooooooooooooooooooooooo blessed and comforted! Because of the bi-weekly trips we have to make to Columbus and the 91,000 miles already on my van, I had been quite concerned. I worried about putting even more miles on my van as well as the safety of it. Our neighbors have offered us the use of their leased vehicle until Jan. 28, 03! Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Praise the Lord!!! Their vehicle only has 18,000 miles on it and I’ve always admired the vehicle (my favorite color!) and thought Laura looks so cute and sporty in it! I will feel so much safer making those trips this year now. So just as we were loading up, Laura pulled up our driveway with her Aztek! How incredibly kind! We are so appreciative! Thank you, thank you! I don’t know how she noticed we were in a frenzy packing up, but what a comfort to know that folks are looking out and watching over us! We feel so loved! We were already packed so we turned it down, but will be thrilled to use it in the future.

We took off and dropped Shayla off at Mom and Joe’s with a “sorry WE ALL took naps today, so sorry YOU did not.” (Little Shayla can be a live wire at night time when she’s had a good, long nap like she did.) And it was so odd that all four of us slept on Sunday. I’m so thankful for my Mom, yet feel so bad as I know she’s worried about Christi AND me AND is now taking care of a very active and talkative 3 ½ year old at the drop of a hat. Wow! That’s a lot! We arrived in just 1 ½ hours, which included the stop at Mom’s. I was so worried about the state highway patrol pulling me over, yet telling myself I would have to be assertive, yet informative in letting her/him know that Christi is to be life flighted if her fever goes to 103 and she was at 102. With that thought in my mind, my heart totally dropped when I saw a bright, flashing light behind me. I let my foot off of the gas and actually gasped out loud. Then I realized it was CHRISTINE waving around a teacher campaign little flashlight she found somewhere in the back of Shayne’s vehicle!!! While it’s very funny now, I was NOT amused at all! Shayne was in the back with her, taking her temperature and keeping in contact with the doctors here at the hospital, so he told her she had to keep it off the rest of the trip. Oh, what a hoot it is NOW!

Children’s stabilized her and admitted her back into the same, exact room we had just checked out of 6 days prior. They gave her the cards that they had been saving for her that were mailed here. She loved it. She received her second blood transfusion last night and is getting a platelet transfusion as I type. She still has a fever, but it’s down to 99.8 and she seems to be doing great. Telling jokes, (What did the scared snail say to the sailor? Are you a SNAILER?) I don’t know how she makes this stuff up! Must have gotten that wit from her father! She spent about 4 hours playing with Delaney today. (Her friend, little Delaney got sick and is again back here too.) Father Mark sat with us for over an hour today while the girls colored and played together. Christi, our little artist, colored so much the past two days that she actually had a blister form and pop. I took a picture of her nurse fixing her hand! What next?! Hee hee (laughing)

Today she and Shayne played dart ball and loved keeping the score. She’s actually adding three digit number and doing the carry overs to the next column. I’m amazed at her little mind. I thought I’d show her greater than and less than since she was keeping score for each game and she immediately caught on to it and to the symbols. Incredible! I hope her mind stays sharp and helps her body stay strong and fight.

We pray that the tests will reveal that this is only a virus and those antibiotics will take care of it and we’ll be heading home on Wednesday! (Please join us in prayer.) Yesterday a two-year-old child died who was a few doors down. It’s really becoming hard now that we’re meeting other children and their parents and are getting emotionally attached to them. We feel very awkward walking around this floor knowing that we’re really at death’s door here.

Hope you have a great week and thank you for all of your continued prayers as we continue to all fight together in this war. You are great prayer soldiers. We really appreciate it all! Take care!!!


(Thanks, webmaster, Eric! We LOVE your site for Christi especially her art section! How did you do that?! So cute! Thanks!)