Journal Entry

Thursday, October 3, 2002

Is it really October?! I can't even believe that happened so quickly. This all seems like one very, very long day to me! Christi just had a virus due to her weakened immune system and therefore we had to stay just three nights and then we were back home at 7:00 on Wednesday night. Our hospital days were draining, but a relief to get to go back home. We were able to venture out on their rooftop playground for a bit at the hospital; however, when a little one is attached to an IV pole it makes tackling the jungle gym and riding tricycles a bit of a challenge. She wasn't disturbed by it; she'd rather be inside coloring and looking at books anyway. It was disheartening to Shayne and I. On Wednesday morning, a 14 year old boy died. I had been enjoying his grandparents' company as they had been staying with him round the clock. They were often just waiting in the hallway so I'd gotten to know them on my trips to the shower, bathroom, reading room, and pantry. My heart breaks for them. I know that 14 year old Shane is not in any pain now, but it's so sad knowing his family is. This was a ten year battle for them all. I pray that they find comfort. What a beautiful family - inside and out!

We had a pretty good day today. My friend, Shari, ran some errands for me and dropped off some "comfy" clothes to wear at the hospital on our porch. I appreciate everyone's kindness so much. While this has truly been miserable, it has taught me about the goodness of people.

Her kitten, Buttercup, has been great pet therapy for her. I had to really be talked into getting her this indoor kitten that she's asked for since she was two, but now I see what a fabulous thing it is. Her vet has been fabulous and she's declawed and providing such great comfort to Christi. (When Christi was two years old she asked when she could have a cat. We said, "When you're five." because it seemed like that was a million years away. Well, the kid never forgot! She turned five in May and started asking when she was getting her cat that we said she could have, soooooooooooooooo in July she got her kitty from a family friend (Thanks, Jeff Wagner! It's been wonderful for her spirit!)

Today her hair started falling out in clumps. I'm so thankful that Cindy came out to our house and cut it so short so that this wasn't so devastating. Christi thought that pulling her hair out was absolutely hilarious!! I never saw anything so un-funny in my entire life! It was crushing to see the proof that her body has been pumped full of dangerous toxins. I put on a brave front; laughed with her and took some pictures. I estimate at this rate it'll entirely be gone tomorrow. I can't believe it happened so fast, despite the fact we were warned it would.

At the hospital this time they discovered a murmur has started in her heart. Tomorrow we'll have more testing done as well as a CAT scan of her sinus area. She's doing this little "clearing of the throat thing" that has caused concern. I remember calling her doctor about and asking for an appointment clear back in August so she's had it for a while and it is apparently related to her cancer. She'll also need another blood transfusion tomorrow so we're looking at a long day. My aunt Marty in Marion will watch Shayla for us and Shayla is looking forward to spending time with her Godmother.

My Goddaughter and Niece, Ashley, noticed that in the picture of Christi that I took of her with her new short hair cut and the crown and earrings gift she received there is a cross projecting out of her eye. (It's on her web page.) I'm sure it's just technology, but we like to think that it's a sign that Christ is with her!! Please continue your prayers! This is one loved and cherished child and we are committed to her survival! We love and miss you all!! Take care and thank you, thank you!!


Christi's joke today: What did the mommy broom say to the baby broom? (It's time to go to SWEEP.) hee hee!