Journal Entry

Monday, October 7, 2002

Hello everyone! I'm in good spirits as Christi is feeling very, very well now. She told me that she feels like she did before she got cancer - pain free! I love her appearing to be back to normal; however, I know it's all part of the protocol and she'll get hit with the chemo again for six days next week and be very sick all over again soon.

While we couldn't get the doctors to say anything more than "she's right on schedule", WE felt she had very good reports from her exams on Friday as well as today. She did NOT need a transfusion either day. :-) Her counts remain low; however not as low as they have been. I was informed today that she should make it to her next scheduled chemo session without having to be admitted again. (Her next hospital session is October 15-21.)

I will pack regular clothes for her to wear on this upcoming visit. Despite the hospital nurses commenting on her cute panties, she has not enjoyed wearing hospital gowns at all. She claims they make her cold. It saddens me to see her wear the clothes that I purchased for her to wear to school now worn in the hospital instead. We'd just love for her to be back in school now!

I discovered a built in cooler in Laura's Aztek! Wow!! It worked out great today! I packed some yogurt tubes, cheese sticks and juice for after her exam today. She was delighted when I whipped them out in the parking lot. I'll never forget her huge smile all buckled in her little car seat! Precious! This vehicle rides so smooth. She slept most of the way down today. I feel so blessed to be driving this, gorgeous vehicle!

Shayla continues to be "velcro kid" and is so clingy to us. She's also been very demanding which I wonder if it is related to this crisis. She was always our calm one. I hope she doesn't feel like she's second fiddle now. It's really hard having two children who need us so much. She often acts out when we're giving Christi her medical attention and we are both tending to her medical care. It seems like Shayla gets us when we're tired and it's not fair to this little gal. Please remember Shayla in your prayers.

Christi is eating well and has gained back some weight. Of course this means Shayne and I are eating well and have gained back our weight and some more too! (hee hee) Without working out, we've lost a ton of muscle mass! I'm going to pack some of our yoga tapes and hopefully we'll be able to do this in Christi's hospital room next week. It may help us relax too. And since we typically do this after the girls are in bed it may provide some comic relief for Christi too! (hee hee)

Christi continues to have bad dreams and I've had some too (not being able to get the girls out while the house is burning down, not being able to get both of the girls into the basement as the tornado is coming at our house, etc.) Christi's psychologist told me that her worries have to come out somewhere and they're coming out in her dreams. I've been sleeping in her bed every night since we've been home. It seems to help both of us.

I miss my students, cheerleaders and co-workers immensely. As someone who has a wide-variety of interests, I'm amazed that one thing has totally consumed every moment of my day. I'm also amazed at the kindness of our friends, neighbors, family and even strangers. Thank you! Thank you!!

Take care and thanks for your concern!


Christi's joke today: "Doctor, Doctor I feel like a sheep!!" "That's baaaaaaad!"