Journal Entry

Wednesday, February 26, 2003


On Tuesday she started her 7th round of chemo. (High dose Cisplatin and Topetcan) We've had long days leaving about 7:30 AM and returning with her about 7:30 PM. I'm happy to be with her though. Yesterday, I left with Christi and as I was shutting the door to our room I heard Shayla running to the bathroom to get sick to her stomach. Oh my! I couldn't believe I was leaving a sick kid to go care for another one, but that's exactly what happened. We think she may have had a touch of the flu and Shayne nursed her back at Ronald on Tuesday. She's doing fine now and Shayne walked over to the hospital with her this afternoon.

Christi's handled the past two days like a champ. In fact today on the Doctor's exam table she was telling jokes and attempting gymnastics. They joked, "She's on day two of round seven of chemo? You'd never know it! She's tough!" I have to agree that one the outside she looks great and is absolutely amazing!

When I arrived back at Ronald at 8:00 PM on Tuesday, I was greeted with the dreaded pink signs posted all over Ronald which say QUARANTINE! There was an outbreak of chicken pox with one child; therefore, we are all under a quarantine until March 8th. This means no: visitors, playroom, computer room, activities, no free dinners about twice a week, everyone must be in their rooms. We were bummed wondering how we were going to all four manage in this little room together for the next two weeks.

Well, today I inquired with one of the Child Life Specialists that our Shayla was in the playroom on Monday and who was this child that was also in there on Monday. I couldn't get the name out of her, but you know I had to keep trying. Finally, I over heard her say the name of the little boy on the phone to another Child Life Specialist. She hung up and I said, "Did you say ______? Because Shayla was playing with him at Ronald a lot over the weekend." She said that yes, that is the child who has the chicken pox. UGH! Therefore, we had to have Shayla tested.

Shayne told her she had to have her blood taken and she asked, "Why?" Shayne told her because that's what they do at hospitals. Shayla said, "Okay!" She stuck out her arm and never even blinked! Talk about BRAVE!!! What a champ!! So, tomorrow we will find out if she has been exposed, like we hope. Tithers will show up if she has. We are not worried about Christi at all since she's has tithers; however, if they do not show up on Shayla she has to be sent home for FOUR WEEKS!!!!!! Oh my! I'm never going to sleep tonight!

It has really been working out well with her. We feel so much more like a "normal" family with her presence and can't imagine how she'll feel having to go back - much less who will take care of her if she comes down with the chicken pox! So, just add one more challenge to the list of obstacles we're trying to overcome this week. Can you even believe it?! We can't and we're praying that tomorrow Shayla's blood tests will show that she's been exposed and just never had outside symptoms and that our only struggle will be the quarantine issue of not being permitted in the toy room. I hope your week is going well!!

Lots of love,

Christi's Joke: "What is always bright at night? (city lights)