Journal Entry

Tuesday night, June 8, 2004

"Love Is"

Unicorns, bunnies, butterflies too

Flowers and rainbows and skies so blue

In the word of imagination

You'll find such congregation

of hope and love, a heart and a dove

Won't you come too?

This love is so true.

written by Christine S. Thomas

on June 5, 2004

"Christi Thomas Day"

Due to the "left out" feelings little Shayla often experiences, I took her with me to Columbus for a teachers' meeting while Shayne and Christi headed off to "Christi Thomas Day" in Fremont last Saturday. And when my friends asked where Christi was I told them about the Red Cross Blood Drive the great folks in Fremont arranged to be held in her honor. When a teacher friend told me that they used Christi's pictures to help promote their school's drive and it was a huge turnout, I was very touched. And about 18 hours later, I received a sweet thank you in the mail from the US Mint - for the same reason. How touching! I'm glad Christi's journey has been able to help others - even if in a small way. We've been so blessed by others helping us it feels great to help give back.

From the Department of the Treasury:

Dear Thomas Team,

We wanted to send a BIG thank you for your help without Blood Drive on May 16th. With Christi smiling from our p osters, we were able to help the Red Cross collect 84 pints of blood at the United States Mint in Piladelphia!

Shayne and Christi said that Saturday's event was wonderful! Although I thought it best to keep Shayla away from Christi's special day of attention, I do wish I could have been there too and hope my "cheer parent friend" who spent countless hours and put in a ton of work for this event wasn't too disappointed not to see me in person. (Thank you, Missy R.! God bless you!) THANKS, FREMONT!! The Fremont YMCA, the Fremont Rec Center and the absolutely awesome and incredible DJ from Eagle 99.1 were all fabulous! Christi had a ball "assisting" with the blood drive. We are thankful that she was asked to participate. Here's the Fremont Mayor's Proclamation:


Office of the Mayor

City of Fremont, Ohio

Whereas, Christi Thomas began her battle against Neuroblastoma on September 11, 1002; and

Whereas, Christi Thomas has continued to fight and her optimism and strength have shined through; and

Whereas, Christi Thomas received over 40 blood transfusions from generous donors, Christi and her family, along with myself, encourage all those in good health to give the Gift of Life by donating blood in honor of Christi's strength and bravery; and

Whereas, June 5th 2004 an honorary blood drive will beheld for Christi at the Fremont Community Center and tehe Fremont YMCA.

NOW THEREFORE I, Terry M. Overmyer, Mayor of the City of Fremont do hereby proclaim June 5, 2004:

Christi Thomas Day in the City of Fremont and do encourage all citizens of Fremont to join with me in supporting this brave young girl.

Terry M. Overmyer

Christi's friend from CHOP - Alex Scott "The Little Lemonade Girl" was featured on Oprah yesterday. We wish her the very best with reaching her $1 million dollar goal and we are excited about donating the Christi Stand money to Alex's pediatric cancer research fund to continue to help Christi and other kids! In my last entry I said that Alex's book was available at Barnes & Noble - it's not! Sorry! It's at Amazon and Borders. I hope you consider ordering a copy of this tremendous story of helping others. Christi's Lemonade Stand will be held on "Lemonade Lane" (just joking!) at the Old Fort Bank - Westgate Office on Friday, June 25th from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Country Time has donated the lemonade, Hardee's the cups and ice, McDonald's the coolers, Viewpoint Graphics the tee shirts and Nick and Shayna are letting us borrow their real little lemonade stand. Thank you, everyone! We hope many will schedule their errand running for Friday, the 25th of June and will stop by for a cup of lemonade.

Today's blood counts were quite puzzling, but I've basically shaken them off as "mistakes". (probably wishful thinking, but.....) We again tried the CBC finger stick in the doctor's office, but I don't think we'll be doing that any more. Her white count came back at 6.3 (Now perhaps she is fighting an infection - which would increase her white count and then I'll be happy to say that I am wrong, but she hasn't had a white count like that for a very long time. It's typically about 2-3 so I really question the accuracy of this one.) Her hemoglobin was already down to just 9.5 (transfuse at 8) and her platelets have plummeted to 56 - yikes. Now that one has me quite concerned - can she stay above 20 by Friday when she's checked (and possibly transfused) at the hospital? Hmmm. Let's just say there will be no more wild bike riding for a while. (Low platelets / internal bleeding) Also, I don't have an ANC as they were unable to calculate it. Friday's counts will be checked at the hospital. It's amazing to see what just five days (of 21) on the chemo have done already. (Now die cancer cells, die and please don't go any lower precious blood counts!)

Today I received the official reports back from all of her tests/scans at CHOP. All information that we had received from the oncologists was correct and the only new information was about her marrow being more cellular this time - that's good if you don't know. (After her MIBG treatment, her marrow was only 5% cellular. A child her age should have a cellular level of about 70-80%.) Well, I'm happy to report that her cellular level was 50-60% in May. Yahoo! That's much better and it was nice to see it myself in black and white today.

The girls thoroughly enjoyed attending Attica's awesome Bible School the past two days. We're so thankful to live near such wonderful, supportive and caring folks and we appreciate their hard work and dedication! Already the girls are disappointed about having to miss it on Friday due to their dress rehearsal for ballet, but perhaps somehow it will work out to get back to Bible School after they're done at the Ritz.

Well, I was hoping to keep this short - to thank the kind and generous blood donors and workers and volunteers and to share Christ's current blood counts, so now I shall end. Here's wishing you and yours a great rest of the week! ENJOY!!!


Christi's Funny: Christi was telling me to put toothpaste on Shayla's mosquito bite. I asked her where she learned that and she told me at the German Shepherd Program. I asked, "What, honey?" and she replied, "You know. The German Shepherd Program at Church that I used to go to when I was little." (Oh, YES, Christi - the GOOD Shepherd Program. What would Sister Elaine and Father Kent say??!!)

What's Next? ABT (oral chemo she's on) will continue until June 24th. When her counts recover to: platelets 75 and ANC 1500 she can start the 3rd cycle. We do NOT need to be in Philly to scan after this second cycle and we couldn't be any happier! When we received that word today of good news I think I jumped up and down pretty high! We love CHOP, but any time spent OUT of a hospital is much better than being IN there! We shall scan now in August or September instead of July.

Dance Unlimited's Ballet Recital is this weekend so we're looking forward to gathering with friends and family to watch the girls dance on stage. You won't catch me complaining about running the girls to lots of practices at the theatre this week - never did we think we'd really get to watch both of the girls dance-period! Praise to Christ our Savior! Thank you!

Blood Counts will be checked again (from her mediport in her chest this time) on Friday morning. I'm anxiously awaiting the results.

Christi's Lemonade Stand will be held from 10:00 - 2:00 on Friday, June 25th at the Old Fort Bank on Lemonade Lane - Westgate Office (across from McDonalds).

Friends of Christi - poker run for "Just for Kids" to be held Saturday, July 31st in Tiffin.