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Below are some links that you may find of interest. All links will open in a "new" window so you can easily come right back to Christi's site.

There's also a new section called "Christi's Clubhouse" below that has links to other children's websites that are in a fight for their lives.

Learn about the disease:
What is a "Neuroblastoma"?
Neuroblastoma Children's Cancer Society
Medline Plus Neuroblastoma Page

Other links:
8up - Wonderful band that played at Christi's 3rd annual Poker Run and even made Christi a band member - allowing her to play her keyboard with them and giving her a band shirt to "grow into". Thanks 8up!

Abbott Labs - Makers of the oral experimental chemo (ABT-751) which Christi has thrived on since beginning the Phase I trial back in April of 2004, Abbott is at the forefront of research to discover and develop less toxic and more convenient treatments for a broad range of cancers.  The Thomas team expresses their deepest gratitude to Abbott Labs, Dr. Maris at CHOP for putting Christi on the trial and to all involved for their wisdom, dedication and most importantly for saving Christi's life.

Angela's great colleagues - Notice Christi and Shayla's pics under NEA Rep. Assembly.

Angela's hobby - Notice Christi and Shayla in the pics.

Beat Childhood - Site designed to be an informative and legitimate resource to families after founder's best friend's son was dx with Neuroblastoma.

BNG Enterprises - Wonderful company that featured Christi's drawings for their Holiday Card. Click on the card picture to the right for a larger version.

Captured Images of Tiffin - The site of a friend of the Thomas Team who is wonderful, talented local photographer.

Cedar Point - Christi's favorite summer place.

Centre for Natural Healing - Their services include herbal and nutritional consultations, wellness and lifestyle counseling, acupuncture, massage, aromatherapy and other modalities in combinations tailored to meet individual needs.

Children's Neuroblastoma Cancer Foundation - This foundation was started by an angel Mother's desire to help find a cure for NB.

Columbus Children's Hospital - Hospital where Christi received the first part of her treatment in 2002. - Christi's favorite math site.

COSI Columbus - Explore science and discover fun (Center Of Science and Industry) - Check out Anna's site, dedicated to helping raise awareness of Neuroblastoma. She even has a special section for Christi fans!

Dolphin Quest - Thanks to the wonderful Dolphin Quest for allowing Christi to play with the dolphins!

Fight For A CureFight For A Cure - Christi is one of two kids on February's "Featured Child" list for the site.

Friends of Christi Poker Run - Local event to raise awareness and money for Christi and the rest of the "Thomas Team."

The Great Bear Lodge - Ohio's only indoor water park.

Holy Land Experience, Kennedy Space Center, Sea World Orlando, WaterMania, Pirate's Cove, Arabian Nights and Macaroni Grill - Just a few of the many places visited during the Thomas Team's trip to Florida. Thanks everyone for the memories!!

Hope Street Kids - In memory of Caroline Price Walker, a site to help lead the fight against childhood cancer

Hugs and Hope - Featured child for the month of April, 2003. - Wonderful site helping cancer patients AND they have one of Christi's banners on their site. Thanks!

National Board for Professional Teaching Standards - In the midst of adversity, amazing Angela attempts and achieves National Board Certification - the teaching profession's highest honor! Way to go, Thomas team Mom!

Make A Child SmileMake A Child - Christi was one of their January 2002 "Featured Kids of the Month"... check it out!

Make A Wish Foundation - Granted Christi's wish to go to Japan... Thank you!!!

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center - Pediatric cancer care center in New York, where Christi begins treatment the end of December, 2002.

Metropolitan Museum of Art - "Start with Art" - one of Shayla's favorite places in NYC. - Online baby showers for expectant parents. The private parties include invitations, message boards, interactive party games, and more. (Be sure to check out the "Christi banner" on their site - thanks MP!)

NWOEA - (Northwestern Ohio Education Association) Angela's served on this executive committee for the past 16 years and is currently in her 5th year as its President.

Old Fort Bank & Seneca East Schools - Our wonderful employers (and the girl's school) that are being soooo understanding through all of this - thank you!

Radio City Music Hall - Definitely The Thomas Team's favorite place in New York City!!!

The Ritz Theatre - Shayne's interest.

Visit Ronald McDonald House, NYCRonald McDonald House - New York City - The Thomas Team's "home base" while in The Big Apple. The Ronald McDonald House is the House that love built - a home-away-from-home for children (like Christi) undergoing cancer treatment and their families.

Shepherd's Children Prayer Ministry - An "Internet friend" of Christi's did this page for her.

Sherrie Austin - Just listen to the words of her new song, "Streets of Heaven" and you'll see why she's linked on this page. What a beautiful song! Click here for the words.

Smile Quilts - Each virtual quilt is personalized for each child by including their pictures, their favorite colors and interests, and their family members. These quilts are created with love and devotion to the children and their families.

Songs of Love - A fabulous charitable organization devoted to providing personalized songs to children facing difficult medical challenges. Christi beams every time her song is played!!!! Thanks, Songs of Love!!! (Click here to listen yourself!)

Tiffin Hampton Inn - The Thomas Team thanks to the great Tiffin Hampton Inn and Manager, Donna Burkett, for providing fabulous lodging at the Hampton Orlando-Disney Maingate East during their Disney trip.

Totally Out of Hand - Lee (named Entrepreneur of the Year) turned Christi's art into fabulous jewelry pieces and put Christi's trademark "cat" on her website.

PBS Kids - Christi's favorite website

Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House - The first RMD house in the world and according to the Thomas Team "It's just wonderful!"

The Picture People - Fabulous store and has been a major part of our lives starting six weeks after Christi was born.

US Mint, Philadelphia - Thomas Team thanks Congressman Gillmor and the fabulous folks at the world's largest mint for the incredible once-in-a-lifetime tour of the US Mint in Philadelphia.


Welcome to Christi's Clubhouse!Here are some other children that Christi would like for you to keep in your prayers. Let our Webmaster know if you have a child that you would like listed below.

Eden Adams - Also from Ohio, Eden is battling neuroblastoma just like Christi.

Austin Akin - Diagnosed as an infant, little Austin has one of the coolest websites around.

Angel Amazing Grace - a wonderful little girl who lost her nearly three year battle with Neuroblastoma.

Angel Cierra Angelica - Beautiful seven year old Cierra was NED for three years before relapsing 12/02. She treated at CHOP and will forever live on in our hearts!

Angel Laura Ashley - Please lift up Laura and her family in your prayers.

Morgan Barnes - Diagnosed with Stage IV NB in July 2002. Morgan met Christi and the rest of the Thomas family during treatment at MSKCC in New York.

Angel Jay Barnett - Diagnosed at age 13, the Thomases lived with Jay at Ronald in NYC.  After 3 courageous years, Jay earned his wings and will forever live on in great memories.

Angel Chris Becker - Faught neuroblastoma for five years, the Thomas' met Florida's Becker family in NYC.

Angel "Beebo" - Jamie is bravely lost his fight against NB in the UK. Our thoughts are with you all.

Ben Brewer - Also battling Neuroblastoma IV. He was diagnosed 2/04 and just finished up his last round of antibody therapy at Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio.

Angel Robyn Brooks - Robyn is from England also treated in NYC. Rest in peace sweet Princess Robyn.

Payton Bogert - Diagnosed with neuroblastoma at a young age, beautiful Payton is now in remission.

Angel Tori Carswell - A beautiful girl from Canada the Thomas’s met and fell in love with in NYC.

Angel Ryan Connolly - Battled neuroblastoma almost since birth, wonderful Ryan was from Michigan.

Isabel Coupland - Reading Christi's website gave Luz, Isabel's mom, the hope she needed when they found out her daughter relapsed.

Angel Olivia Crowley - One of Christi's favorite friends in NYC - another gal from Ohio, Olivia bravely fights cancer again!

Delaney Renée Diggs - Surviving the fight against Ewing's Sarcoma/PNET of the left maxillary sinus one day at a time!

Karrie Doeds - Diagnosed with Stage IV Neuroblastoma in July of 2005 and also from Ohio.

Angel Dutch - Webby Eric and Alicia's beloved golden retriever, died December 23, 2005. We'll miss you little guy...

Angel Erin Edwards - Recently diagnosed with Stage IV Neuroblastoma, she participated in a clinical trial at Duke University Medical Center.

Ruby Elbert - Ruby also treats at CHOP and is also fighting neuroblastoma stage IV.

Angel Kristina Fannin - Sadly, "Big Kristy", went to heaven in May of 2004. "Big Kristy" (as we called her) and our "Little Christi" both enjoyed dancing lessons and painting at the Pottery Shoppe in NYC. God called home a gorgeous teenage dancer.

Carter Finger - Christi & Carter are together at CHOP on many occasions.

Angel Alexia Flory - The Thomas Team met sweet Alexia and her parents and grandparents at the NB conference in Chicago. Sadly, Alexia relapsed on Angela's birthday in '03.

Angel "Timbo" Geminden - Little Timbo was diagnosed NB stage IV in December, 2001 and passed away January, 2006.

Connor Gerber - Family trying to raise money to travel from Cape Town South Africa to NYC for further Connor's NB treatment.

Daniel Hammer - Daniel was diagnosed with Stage IV Neuroblastoma on November 10, 2001.

Sean Micheal Hanson - Battling Neuroblastoma (stage III) since September of 2003.

Dylan Hartung - Treating at the great MSKCC Dylan is from Australia.

Megan Hierons - Diagnosed stage 4 neuroblastoma sept '03, aged 6 months. Spinal tumour that has left her paraplegic, also with a spinal curve.

Angel Abbigail Hodge* - She battled this ugly form of disease from Feb. 2005 to Dec. 9th 2005. She lost her battle 5 days after her 2nd birthday.
*You will need a user name and password to access the site. Page name is abbiesworld.

Alexis Paige Howard - Alexis is a very strong willed, independent little 7 year old, just turned 7 on Oct. 18th of 2009.

Angel Kylie Houtchings - A fellow gal from the Buckeye state, we love you Kylie!

Sarah Hunter - Sarah was diagnosed with stage III neuroblastoma on November 1, 2002. She lives in Wisconsin and is receiving her treatments at the UW childrens hospital in Madison.

Angel "Jakester" - Please keep sweet Jake’s family in your prayers! He fought neuroblastoma most of his life.

Angel Amanda Jeffries - Forever Fifteen. A fellow Ohioan who also treated in Columbus and in NYC, will live on in our hearts.

Angel Benjamin Jones - Often our "neighbors" at Children's in Columbus wonderful Six year old Benjamin is fighting a brain tumor.

Angel Jordan - Our New York friends from Texas ' little guy Jordan (Dx. just before Christi and relapsed in Nov. of 2003). God be with sweet Jordan and his wonderful parents.

Angel Liam Kane - The Thomas team met this sweet family, who treated at CHOP, at the NB conference.

Katilyn - Kaitlyn is 4 and has Neuroblastoma Stage IV. She lives in Western Australia.

Angel Akaida Langemeier - She had a neuroblastoma that is very similar to Christi's. Akaid earned her wings and became an angel on June 9, 2003 . God bless...

Nick Leslie - Diagnosed weeks before Christi and continues to fight for NED. The Leslie's and the Thomas's have the same sweet friends - Kaye & Chris.

Kayla Lucius - From our hometown, 6 years old and fighting a brain tumor.

Penelope London - Christi & Penelope are in treatment together at CHOP.

Cole McCavit* - Little Cole is from Michigan and treating at University of Michigan Medical Center.
*You will need a user name and password to access the site. Page name is howiscole.

Angel Michaela - Beautiful Michaela, from Pennsylvania , fought a great fight until the bitter end.  God bless sweet Kay’s family as their lives will never be the same.

Angel Jessi "Bear" Modeen - Sadly, Jessi got her "wings" on August 28, 2003 and will be missed by all that knew her.

Harrison Nichols - Handsome Harrison is on the same experimental study at Christi.

Angel Jessica Nielsen - Jessica - a beautiful teenager who fought NB in NYC and who won the ultimate prize of eternal life!  She is sadly missed by all her knew her.

Anna O'Connor - 19 year old Anna is bravely fighting persistent neuroblastoma. Diagnosed nearly the same time as Christi, she has also participated in many of the same trials as Christi has (3F8s/beta glucan, MIBG, and ABT). Best wishes to a top high school graduate and current college student. We love you, Anna.

Matthew Passarella - Diagnosed when he was seven with an inoperable brain tumor.

Angel Madison Poncin - Battling Neuroblastoma in Arizona , Madison had endured MIBG therapy in Philly and a host of other treatments.

Josh Powell - Diagnosed with stage IV neuroblastoma in June of 2001 - now on the road to recovery.

Angel Shelby Prescott - This sweetie is no longer fighting neuroblastoma but is dancing in heaven!

Lina Martin Rak - This little girl has been fighting neuroblastoma since she was 16 months old. She's been through two stem cell transplants and is from Florida.

Raymond - Check out his "Christmas Tree" featuring NB winners and warriors.

Angel Mason Ream - Forever 12. The Thomas's met Mason and his wonderful family in 2002 as their children were diagnosed within weeks of each other. 

Angel Shayne Rezmer - Fighting neuroblastoma since 1994, Shayne started directing the Angel Choir in 2004!!

Angel Shelby Richter - She always had a smile on her face. Visit her site to purchase a "We Love Shelby" to help raise money for cancer research.

Angel Carl Robinson - Beautiful Carl was the Thomas’s neighbors at the Ronald McDonald House in NYC for quite some time.

Angel Michael Romano - Fellow neuroblastoma patient from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

Angel Paige Rutter - A friend from Michigan diagnosed with NB.  There couldn’t have been a more loved or wanted little girl than this Princess!

Harley Sale - Angel Jen contacted us over the Internet and asked for little Harley to be included in the "Clubhouse". Also, visit Angel Jen's Happy Mail Project page.

Angel Alexandra "Alex" Scott - Featured in Sports Illustrated, Oprah, the Today Show and many others for her "lemonade stands" to raise money for pediatric cancer research, eight year old Alex died of neuroblastoma after a seven year battle. She treated at CHOP.

Sarah Smith - Seven year old diagnosed with Stage IV neuroblastoma May 17, 2002, BMT in January of 2003.

Angel Nick Snow - A true pioneer, forever our hero!

Angel Laura Stiles - Christi met Laura while treating together at CHOP.

Benjamin Thomas - Diagnosed in Columbus about three weeks after Christi left for New York, this "other" Thomas family also battles cancer.

Angel Trey - After being declared NED of neuroblastoma, Trey has relapsed in his bone marrow and bones and was called Home all too soon.

Angel Simon Vodosek - Amazing Simon was a NB patient in NYC - just five days younger than Christi when the families met. With a very cool website and a very cool family, Simon will forever live on in our hearts and minds!

Angel Jonathan Watson - Diagnosed when he was 3 1/2, he had faught NB for over five years. He was on the same experimental study as Christi.

Angel Super Jake Widman - Diagnosed in March of 2004. The Thomas Team sends their very best wishes and prayers to this lovely family they met in Chicago at the neuroblastoma conference.

Angel Joshua Young - Bravely fought Stage IV NB, met Christi and her family in New York while at the Ronald McDonald House.