Fall 2003 Photos

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First Day of Preschool.

Fun at Preschool!!

I waited a year for this - Shayla's 1st ballet class.

Releasing Madi's balloon to celebrate her life.

Welcome to your eternal home - Madison P.!

Christi and Paityn ready for ballet class.

With Dance Unlimite ballet teacher, Kathy.

So happy to be back at ballet!!!!!

Christi with her Gifted Ed. teacher.

Thanks NYC's PBS!! Christi's favorite show is Cyberchase!!

Daddy removed my training wheels!

The look of determination mixed with success!!

Buttercup's kitten - 3 weeks old!

Receiving her chemo while holding the new kitty.

Holding "Sara" for the very first time.

Home chemo and kitty! AHHHH!!!

Concert flyer for Christi.

Thanks Mercy Home Health Care!

So good to be back at Betty Jane Preschool!!

Goodbye! Thanks for a great day!

Let the space race begin!!

Michael O'Brien lifts Christi up to a crowd bursting with applause.

Christi said, "It felt like he was Rafiki and I was the Lion King!"

THANK YOU supporters, organizers and all!!

Michael dedicated "Thank God for you" to Christi.

"To sing is to pray twice."

Signing autographs for her prayer warriors.

Sharing a special moment with Great Grandma.

Christi and Great Grandma.

Surrounded by family at an evening FILLED with love.

We all love you, Mrs. Rombach!!!

Leaving for the school Grandparent program with Nee Nee.

Brave Angela with some Indian Braves.

This is harder than it looks!

Old Fashioned Fun at the Heritage Fest.

CT & ST playing at Betty Jane.

Photo by Pat Gaietto which appears in the newspaper.

Greeting her "fan club". (photo by Pat)

Signing more autographs.

With her Great, Great Aunt - Sister Mary Alice.

Paint the right kitty, Shayla.

Angela with NEA Secretary Treasurer - Lily Eskelsen.

Angela with her wonderful SEEA colleagues at a workshop.

NWOEA and OEA presidents and vice presidents with Lily.

With her wonderful CCD teacher!

Still loving school (Day #23 & perfect attendance)!

Goodnight Buttercup and Kitty.

Now this is hiking!! (hee hee!)

Nature Day! (Nice backpack, Shayne!)

Old football friends still supporting the SE tigers!

Shayla with her kitten.

Shayla with yet-to-be named kitty.

Shirts created by Artist Christi.

Playing "doggies" at Grandma's.

Cousins have fun in the Corn Maze.

Fall Fun!

With World's Greatest Babysitter!

Oh, Mom! I think kitty's scared!"

Starting the day doing the 2nd grade class cheer!

Sharing "Kitty" with her class.

Congrats on winning 1st place in OCTELA's state wide writing contest for your "Nature" poem.

"Nature" illustration.

Sharing her award winning poem with Elementary School Principal - Brad Powers.

Check out my "Tooth Necklace" for losing a tooth at school!!

Wonderful Mercy nurse checks Kitty's heartbeat too!!

With CCD class getting last minute instructions.

Waiting for church to start.

Angela with her former Jr. High (and now College) cheerleaders.

Christi with her 2nd grade teacher & 'Berg cheer coach.

With Coach Stiffler & Mommy's "old" cheerleaders.

We LOVE Heidelberg College!!!!

Kaylyn & Christi have fun "cheering".

"Excuse me, Sara...I really don't want to learn your cheers. Can you just play with me instead?"

Fun at "cheer camp". Thanks, 'Berg!

Shayla's Taxi Service.

Run, Leap and Jump into Autumn!

Christi's school photo.

Future Teacher!!

With OEA Vice President, Pat Frost-Brooks.

With fabulous President of the over 130,000 member OEA, Gary Allen!

with OEA Secretary-Treasurer, Bill Leibensperger.

Enjoying Great Uncle Steve's fast boat!

Carving pumpkins with Andy & Samantha.

With Grandma and Paw Paw.

Thank you Wyandot County Nursing Home!!!!

Trick or Treating at Paw Paw's nursing home.

At the fabulous Ritz theatre with Anne Murray (Thanks, Roppe!!)

All dressed up for Story Hour!

Dissecting owl pellets (Thanks, Mrs. Smith).

We all shall miss ballet. Thanks, Dance Unlimited!!

Fun at Jeff & Carla's!

Writing with Mr. Wagner.

Clowning Around with State Rep. Jeff Wagner.

Picking out First Communion Dress patterns with Mrs. Wagner.

Visiting with Buttercup's Mom.

After 18 long months.........BACK TO THE RITZ!!!

Meeting the actors from NYC including a recent cancer survivor!

Shayla Marie Thomas.

Ready for trick-or-treating!

Boo at the Zoo!

This candy thing is F-U-N!!!

Proud Brownie Girl Scout!!

Christi has a friend over.

Celebrating Christi being the VIP!!



Goodbye, Miss Stiffler!!!!

Fall Fun! (Last day of school) 10/31/03

Fun in the Ivy League.

Sailing to Where The Wild Things Are.

Cat Scan at CHOP.

Playing at the new Ronald McDonald House in Philadelphia.

Beautiful and famous Alex brings a welcoming gift to Christi.

The room in our new "Home away from Home". (Pretty tiny)

Being made radioactive.

In I go!!! (PET Scan at H.U.Penn).

Mommy, donning protective attire, prepares to quickly drop in a snack for Christi.

Final cuddle with Mommy before MIBG starts.

Wrapped in a very special blanket during MIBG treatment.

Mommy reads to Christi while a TV show is being filmed outside.

Yet another MIBG scan.

"Don't worry! I'm OK in here!"

Making cookies with some awesome Ivy League Sorority Girls before heading for home.

Shayla created this art by recycling her art museum badges.

Christi and Grandma Nonee made this for "kitty".

We love you, beautiful Shayla!!

The second, rapid high dose 131-MIBG infusion.

I don't like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A computer monitor measures Christi's radiation level. She's incredibly "hot"!!

Daddy entertains Christi. (Or is she sleeping over there?)

Really teacher - my homework is radioactive!!!!

Not feeling so hot after surgery. 11/17/03

Countdown to Cuddle Time!!!

Off to the O.R. singing and drawing!

A heroic rescue!!!!!! Thank you HUP!!!!!!!

Daddy lifts a very sore Christi back into bed.

FINALLY making an acceptable deal with the doctor.

The official radiation level is 16.7 on 11/19/03

Shayla celebrates Mommy's birthday with the Baldosser bunch.

I'm green and glowing!! (hee hee!)

Off for a scan with my dancing partner! (IV pole)

Shayla making "Tootsie Turkey" with her foot for Thanksgiving.

Shayla at ballet 11/21/03

"Proud to be an SE Tiger!"

Keep saving the pop tops!!!!!! Thanks, Villanova!

Fall Fun in Philly!

Sketching at the Philly Zoo!

Music Fun with a sweet Villanova student.

Took the train to NYC for the parade!

Enjoying a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner! Thanks, Ronald!!!

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!!

The Thomas girls in Philadelphia

"I did it!" (Rocky wannabe!)

"It's Degas Little Dancer!" Christi tells Shayla.

Waiting for Daddy to bring the key!

Sketching at the art museum 11/30/03.

Are you drawing on my exam table paper again?

With brilliant and beautiful Dr. Suzi!

Shayla snaps our family pic while waiting for the Dr.

Hanging out again in the waiting room.

Waiting at the theatre for Annie to begin.

Thank you, Joe & Nancy Obringer!!

Home: The wonderful Ronald house!

Enjoying New Jersey's snowfall!!!!

Thanks, Kerschners for a fabulous day!!

Decorating our Xmas tree!

Merry "Christi" Christmas! (Thanks, Lee!)

Shayla's preschool picture.


Not much space in our little Ronald room. (hee)