Make A Wish - Japan 2003

These pictures are from Christi's Make A Wish trip to Japan in July of 2003. Be sure to check out the other Photo pages for even more pictures.

Christi presents the check for Ronald. (Thanks, friends)

A limo ride to the airport; We can't believe this!!

Slumbering Sisters.

Received my first passport stamp (7/11/03).

Make a Wish Greeters (Junco and Katsu) in Narita, Japan.

Nightfall on Tokyo.

Goodnight from Tokyo Bay!

Thank you for bringing me with you, Christi!!

Finding Chip and Dale - AGAIN!

Reading a book a "One More Story" Volunteer sent along with Christi.

Greeting Saiko and her sister at the hotel.

Tokyo's Complex Subway.

Saiko shares a book of where she'll first take the girls.

Sanrio Puroland (Hello Kitty) Park ROCKS!!!!

Thanks to Saiko and her sister!!!!!

The boat ride.

Hello, Kitty! Hello, Tokyo!!!!!

Did you miss me, Chip??!!!!!!

Fun with the girl's favorite - Chip!

Jumping with joy!

Saiko with her sisters and nephew.

With friends at an awesome traditional Japanese restaurant!

Saiko and her younger sister dress Christi in a yucata Yariko gave to her.

We love you! We love Japan!

Christi gives a sad goodbye to Saiko.

Jet Lag!!!

Riding the rides with Saiko.

Disney Sea - thanks to Make a Wish.

Disney Sea is the best place on earth!

Disney Sea lunch with beautiful friends.

July 13, 2003 Disney Sea.

Dreams do come true!

At Disney Sea with my Japanese friends.

Beautiful yukatas. Beautiful people.

Tokyo Disneyland.

Dale's in Japan too!!!!!

Pooh's awesome ride at Disneyland.

Fun at the hotel.

The Incredible Sheraton Hotel.

Beautiful Tomoko from Make a Wish helps us get to our plane.

A Pokemon Plane??!! Only in Japan!!!!

Christi bows to greet Miyuki in Sapporo.

Christi missed Miyuki!!!!!!!

Fabulous Make A Wish (Sapporo Chapter) Volunteers.

Shayla with Miyuki and her sweet Mother.

Dinner at a Japanese style restaurant. Yummy!

Thank you to Miyuki's family!!!

Admiring the beautiful yukatas.

With Mika's wonderful Mother at Sapporo Station.

Lunch at another fabulous Japanese style restaurant with Miyuki and Mika.

I miss New York where you eat with a fork! Just kidding!

with Mika and her sweet friend Tomoko. (Thanks!)

Thank you, Make a Wish!!!!!!

With Mika in the Japanese hotel room.

"Daddy!! This is the best hotel room - ever!!!"

Our thanks and love to Mika!

Ready to bathe in the hot springs.

Thomas Team Attire for the hot springs.

Mika's awesome Mom dresses Shayla.

Thomas Team at the bear park.

Shayla feeds the bears.

An enjoyable morning!

Taking in the great sights and smells of Japan.

Thanks, Mika! We love you!!!!

Wearing our great Japanese style clothing!

More sightseeing with Mika and her Mom.

Shayla really gets into the spirit.

The incredible Eudo Wonderland.

Sensei Angela finally gets into a classroom.

Another great lunch!

With the Ninja Show characters.

Shayne in Japan.

Beautiful people - inside and out!

Hell's Valley (source of hot springs).

Walking through the volcanic crator.

Mika's kind Mom dresses Christi.

The Thomas Team in Japan.


We had a BLAST!!!

A final orgami lesson before leaving Japan.

Trying to get to Hawaii; spending 18 extra hours in Japan.

FINALLY made it to Hawaii! Ahhhh!!

Dining on the balcony.

THANKS, Dolphin Quest!!!!!!

Feeding the beautiful dolphin.

Inquisitive Christi pets the smooth dolphin.

Touching hearts and minds (and lips!!!).

Spectacular Resort!!! (Hilton Waikoloa Village).

A resort of Polynesian opulence carved out of 62 acres of lava!

Queen Bee!

Flying over an active volcano!

1983 eruption destroyed the road.

Blue Hawaiian Helicopter Tour.

Christi in front of helicopter.

Thank you
Make A Wish! We will cherish these memories always...

-The Thomas Team

Walking to the black sand beach.

What? BLACK sand?! Cool!!

Shayla snoozes in Seattle's airport.