Spring 2003 Photos

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Fun at Ronald McDonald House.

The "Cat Family" (lion, cat, tiger).

Ringling Bros. & Barnum & Bailey Circus.

Circus Memories made at Madison Square Garden.

A Pre-Surgery Carriage Ride!

Long time, no see!

"Grandma! I'm riding in a real, horse, drawn carriage!!!!"

Shayla and Grandma Nonee light a candle for Christi at St. Pat's.

Fun with her Godmother, Great Aunt Marty in Central Park.

Sunny Central Park with Great Aunt Marty.

Attempting the violin.

Shayla enjoying freedom at the Central Park Zoo!

Grandma Nonee Rocks!!

Sleeping off the 3F8 treatment.

Exploring at the Children's Museum of Manhattan.

Learning about behind the scenes of a TV set.

Camera Operator - Christi!!

Creating at C.M.O.M.

Waiting for the pain to subside.

Fighting cancer hurts.

Playing "Ballerina's" with long-time friend, Katie.

All dressed up and FINALLY a place to go! (Church 4/13/03)

A visit with Great Grandma Dixie.

Visiting Great Grandma Falter.

Back to school again!! Yipeee!!

Picking flowers for her teacher.

Christi missed the wonderful Mrs. Rombach!

Life without a Broviac! AHHHH!!

Spring Planting!

Life at the Leis home! THANKS!!

Home feels soooooooooo good!!

Ready for school!

Tiger Pride!

My teacher is so cool!

Comfort with Grandma Nee Nee (and Buttercup)

Happy Easter from Shayla!!

The most magical place of all - SCHOOL!!

Loving the cafeteria ladies GREAT food!! Yummy!

I missed this fabulous library!!

Loving every minute with "Grandma" Donna.

Happiness is being with a dear, sweet friend!!

Christi's very first sleep over. Thanks, Donna!

Thanks for everything! You guys ROCK!

Thank you godchildren!! So cool!

Meeting her Webmaster!!!!!

Enjoying a great day with "Webby" Eric and his beautiful wife.

Wow! You actually look like you know what you are doing! Goooooooo, Cooks!!!!

Canoeing with Aunt Marty and Uncle Jeff.

Home with Mommy.

Great looking guys!!!! (Eric and Shayne)

The Thomas Team rests for the next battle.

Happy 35th B-Day Daddy!!!!

Egg Hunt at Grandma Nonee and Paw Paw Joe's.

Grandma's Egg Hunt!!!

Easter Sunday 2003.

We LOVE our COSI friends!!!!

Christi missed her wonderful Columbus nurses!

Visiting with our wonderful nurse and sweetheart Delaney in Columbus.

Christi wanted to visit her Columbus nurses before returning to NYC.

We're BACK!!!!!!!!! Look out NYC!!!

Leaving for my first morning of tests. (4/03)

Hold still for over an hour, sweetie! (MiBG scan)

CT goes in the tunnel for her CT scan.

Going to the Broadway show. (Thanks, Ronald!!)

Ready for the science show!!

Entering the Magic School Bus exhibit.

Hop on the Magic School Bus! (Liberty Science Center, N.J.)

Planting bulbs at science center.

Enjoying the sun at Union Square.

A Chess Challenge in Washington Square.

Daddy's new job?? Rickshaw driving in Times Square!!!

Dora at Radio City! (Thanks, Dave!!)

Always something to see in Times Square!

"This is impossible. I can't tolerate this" said Christi on 4/28/03.

With WABC TV's beautiful reporter Rebecca Rankin!!

Shayla and Anthony with the TV reporter.

Heading to the hospital.

NB fighting friends celebrate Becca's 8th bday!

After weeks of work, it's nearly complete.

ET phone home! This hurts!!

Umbrella Art!! (What will happen if it rains???)

Lady Liberty arrives at Ronald.

The wonderful Carolyn from the Met Museum of Art!

Angela with Author of Caldecott Award Winner "Tar Beach" Faith Ringgold.

Christi and a bright, beautiful volunteer design "Christi's Museum"!!

Thank you, C.M.O.M.!! What a b-day party!!

3F8s w/ Beta Glucan trial.

Original art by Christi!!!! (The next Eric Carle????)

Mexican Fun at Ronald!!

Pretty in Pink! (Check out my face and arms! ugh!)

Thank you for the sweet surprise Child Life Staff!

Thanks everyone!!!!!!!

Thank you to Chrisit's former babysitter - Mrs. "Shoe". (Cake for fundraiser back home)

It's almost time to board the plane!

Eating and playing at the World's Largest McDonald's.

Thank you, friends!! Yummy!!

Enjoying Disney's great parade!

Lion King show - WOW!

Look at that!!!!! (CT with her Aunt)

A new character????? Goooooooo, Christi!!

Outfits by "Grandma" Donna.

Cooling off on a hot, hot day! (Thanks, Diane!!!!! A GREAT treat!)

I LOVE this place!!

Coolilng off after a hot day at Disney.

Thank you friends for the spending money!!

Can you believe I'm really here?!

Be it known throughout the land, we think Snow White's very grand!

Magical Mary Poppins!

Dreams do come true!

Sisters going to "It's a small world after all!"

"Ariel, I'm having the best birthday ever!"

Minnie and Mini Me!

Energetic Shayla even gives Tigger a run for his money!

Shayne, Christi and Aunt V ride "Splash Mountain" again!!

An unbelievable birthday surprise from the Hampton Inn Maingate East and the Leis family!

Star Wars Episode Six (Check out the new stars!)

Telling Dave (Ohio Children's Hosp. Volunteer) about Disney.

Enjoying Dave's company at Planet Hollywood.

Fun in Legoland!

Having a "blast" at the Kennedy Space Center.

With "out of this world" Astronaut Mark Lee.

We need our space!! Get with the program.

Next Mission: "Space Sisters!!" Meet us at the station!

Caption: The Holy Land Experience - WOW!

Thing Three???

Fun in the Curious George fountains.

Christi catches some zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzs.

Cousins enjoy golfing.

Minnie rocks!!

Where dreams come true!

Shayla's favorite - Chip & Dale!!

"The greatest place on earth!!" says Shayla.

Disney's calling!! Let's go!!!!!

Thanks, Sea World!

Fun in the surf! Hello, Atlantic Ocean!

Fun at Cocoa Beach.

Shayla found the Fountain of Youth!!

Off to MSKCC's prom!! 5/21/03

Enjoying the prom!!

All dressed up - let's go to FAO's story hour!!

High Tea at the Plaza Hotel.

This makes the IV in my arm feel better!! Yummy!!

A final 6th bday celebration at home!

Christi poses and then sketches Grandma Nonee and Paw Paw Joe.

Making "Buckeyes" with Aunt Marty. Yum!

Back to the treatment: bearing the unbearable.

"Prom Night" at Ronald McDonald House.

Dancing the night away with the awesome Ronald's Michael!

Dancing with a super great kid - Richie!!

"Owie! Owie! Owieeeee!" (3F8 treatment hurts!!)

Shayla & Christi ,with wonderful teacher ,at the Met. Museum of Art's "Start with Art".

Christi mastered the binary code - with help from her great teacher.

Check out the shirts!! Thanks, friends!

Sketching at the Met.

Friday night at the art museum: Going on a Sphinx Hunt!

In front of William Vanderbilt II's Mansion along the Gold Coast of Long Island.

Exploring "Bubbles" at the Long Island Children's Museum.

Woodworking with Daddy (making an airplane surprise for Shayla).

Freezing in the Hamptons. (Brrrrrrrr!)

Treatment time really hurts.

A card for my fabulous teacher, Anne Marie!!

Christi gives her wonderful director, Mary Jo, flowers and then bows.

Awesome ballet teacher, Kathy, presents Christi with her toe shoes signed by Kathy and the class.

With great ballet teacher at the Ritz.

The fabulous Dance Unlimited crew: Mary Jo - Director, Amanda - Assistant and Kathy - Teacher.

At home with Mommy.

Ready to go watch the ballet recital at the Ritz.

Christi sharing the poems she wrote for each of her cousins.

Tall enough this year to ride Cedar Downs!!!!!!!!

Thanks, Diane!!!!!!

We love Cedar Point!!!!!!!!

The Frog Hopper ride.

Shayla loves Camp Snoopy!!

Lovely Lake Erie!

Christi visiting at St. Francis where the wonderful Sisters are praying hard for her.

After a very long year - it's back to the Toledo Zoo!

Singing, "The More We Get Together, The Happier We'll Be!!"

Hamming it up at the Toledo Zoo.

Belles at the ball!!

Princess Christi kisses a frog.

We love Expressly Portraits!!!!

The Thomas Team (June 2003).

Keep paddling, we're almost there Shayla.