Summer 2003 Photos

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Christi and Kristen B. at Great Bear Lodge.

Danny B. and Shayla at Great Bear Lodge.

Feeding the animals on Father's Day!

Mom, watch my Nestle plunge!!

Summer Time Fun!

Jenn teaches astronomy.

With Grandpa in Penn. at Story Book Forest.

Theme song for many cancer kids.

Idewild Park.

Crayola Kid at the Crayola Factory!

Easton, Pennsylvania.

Treatment Time Again - ugh! owie!!!!

A massotherapy school come to Ronald! Shayla and Angela indulge! AHHHHH!

Miracle in progress????

Resting back at Ronald after 3F8s.


I hate cancer!!!!!!

I love Central Park!!!

Pilot by day, wonderful Ronald volunteer by night!

Thanks to our favorite NYPD Officer (and fabulous Ronald friend)!!!!

Outside the Metropolitan Opera House waiting to see the American Ballet Theatre's Swan Lake.

Hiding in the closet. Waiting to surprise Daddy!

I missed my Daddy!!!!!

Napping before the pain kicks in.

A Battleship ship game before the Battle of Treatment begins.

Enjoying Shayla's preschool's summer party in NYC.

CT goes into the CT for her scan.

A private Japanese Art Program for the Thomas Team!

The most wonderful Nitza and Carolyn - Met. Museum of Art!!

38th (and final) day of 3F8/glucan treatment.

Christi decides to surprise a boy from Bostom also living at Ronald.

A blimp goes past our window!

Check out the blimp!!!!!

Patiently waiting for NYC's fireworks to begin.

Camping in Penn. with friends.

Fun on the "Tim & Shayne Mobile"!

We LOVE this thing!!!!

Making Mrs. Bowerman's World Famous Noodles!!

Girls Club!!

Thanks, Code Blue Family!!!!

MIBG Scan at MSKCC 7/9/03

Sweet Volunteers of NY present Christi with her wish trip.

Off for surgery! Goodluck, Christi!

Time to get the tumor out!

Recovering from surgery (7/24/03).

Trying to rest admist all this technology.

Picture of Christi's back (post op.)

July 26, 2003.

Sitting in a chair playing a computer game.

Katsu arrives from Japan!!

Going for yet another chest Xray.

Photo by Christi before heading for Ohio.

Computer time fun!

Vitamin Drink and Nee Nee (Ahhh!!)

Reading to Buttercup.

Modern Art at the Whitney Art Museum.

Daddy explains baseball at the Yankee's game.

The Best of Baseball (Yankee Stadium).

Playing my Songs of Love song for Grandma!

Christi reads the book she wrote for Shayla.

Christi arrives in Philadelphia.

Fun at the Philly Science Institute.

1st meeting with CHOP's fabulous Dr. Maris.

Calling to say "BUTTERCUP HAD A KITTEN!!"

The Kitten - 20 minutes old!

"This is precious" said Christi.

I picked out my own outfit!!

Sketching at the Met.

Christi Crew thanks to Lee & Songs of Love!!!!!!

Open House with Christi's 2nd grade teacher.

Giving her teacher a present and a poem she wrote for her.

Buttercup with her kitten 8/27/03

"Sara" or "Pongo" ?????

First Day of School 8/27/03.

"I love this place!"

World's Greatest School!!

Christi's Class.

Loving Lunch Time!

Ahhhhhhhhh!! Back in Kindergarten!!

Checking out Mars!!

All ready for school.

A true S.E. tiger.

Christi chats with Mrs. Cook.

Safari Time!!

Moose Juice for Eric!!!

Christi and her Webmaster prepare to take off.

Wearing Mrs. Cook's wet suit.

Day 3 of wave running.

Fun on Lake Erie!

Fun with Daddy and Mr. Cook.

We really splashed Daddy!!!

Checking out the lake - can we wave run again?

Getting GSB beads.

Thanks to Daddy's great GSB friends!!!

Shayla and Mrs. Cook play cards.