Winter 2003 Photos

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Who's really in charge, here?! Christi with Dr. Kushner.

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Co-Pilot, Christi, "helps" fly us back home from our first visit to MSKCC.

Arriving at my new home!

Taking a break from the healthy diet on our way to NYC.

Piano Lessons with Bill at Ronald McD. House.

Jazzing up my new pad.

Art time at Sloan.

American Museum of Natural History.

The Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall.

Future Rockette???

On the Radio City Music Hall stage!

N.Y. Rangers at Madison Square Garden.

Beautiful Lady Liberty! God bless America!

Loving and learning on the sightseeing cruise.

The Lion King in NYC!!!

Waiting for the Lion King to begin.

Big Apple Clowns entertain at Sloan.

Receiving chemo at MSKCC.

Enjoying "Toys R Us" in Times Square.

With her wonderful New York Public School Teacher, Anna Marie.

Wrapped in her new quilt of love! Thank you!!

Fourth day of fifth round of chemo.

Relaxing after a long day.

Thank you, Riva!!!

Sharing her toy with beautiful new friend, Olivia!

Jam Session at Sloan.

What? I LIVE in New York City??!!!

Reading a Little House book together.

Music Therapy at "home."

Wonderful Sara with Cancer Fighter Daniel!

Beautiful RN, Gail, starts the transfusion.

Now who is the patient, anyway??

School Time, Hospital Style!

Sharing her talents with the Priest.

Greta from Old Fort Bank bring cheer.

Took a wrong turn and ended up in NYC!

Making Slime in the Hospital Play Room.

Enjoying the day with friends!

View from the Empire State Building.

Meeting Barney!!

Thomas Team at St. Patrick's Cathedral.

"Barney's Colorful World" at Radio City.

Debating the delicious choices!

My 1st New York subway ride!

I lost my first tooth!!!!

Decorating a shirt for Shayla.

Always a SE tiger, no matter where I am!

Kristi donating the gift of life for our Christi! THANK YOU, KRISTI for your platelets!

Investigating bacteria at the American Museum of Natural History.

sorting, organizing and classifying insects.

Chemo & color.

Singing helps pass the time!

I think I can! I think I can!

Entertainment at Ronald (photo by C.T.).

Bath Time Fun!

Fun at FAO Schwartz.

Awesome Toy Store!

In Session!

The dreaded finger stick.

SONY World of Wonder.

Waiting for the IV to end.

An Afternoon Stroll.

The look of a competitor!! GO, CHRISTI!!

Explorer's Group with the WONDERFUL Trish!

World's Greatest Nurse Practioners!!

Deciding what to see first at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Lift me so I can see Mondrian's work better.

Enjoying Egyptian Art!

A Distant Slumber Party! (Talking with Katie and Donna).

Loving this Leap Pad!

Entertainment on the 5th floor!

Not quite "The Picture People."

Happy Valentine's Day 2003!

Surprising my teacher on Valentine's Day!

Nurse Shea brings cheer from Children's!!

Mommy missed Shayla!!!

Sharing her toys with Shayla.

My namesake drove ten hours to see me! (Aunt Tina)

Shayla and her Godmother. (Great Aunt Marty)

Happy 4th Birthday, Shayla!!

Waiting for Show Time at Madison Square Garden.

Meeting Elmo and The Count.

Shayne's debut on Seaseme Street Live!

The Pokemon Store in NY.

Enjoying Ronald's free games!

COSI Explorers travel to the Big Apple!

Shayla's 1st piano lesson.

Sightseeing in NYC!

Are these guys for real?

Blessings from the Pope at Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum.

Photo by CT (at Butterfly Exhibit).

Sharing the Natural History Museum with Shayla.

Hand-in-Hand to Candyland.

Excited about seeing Beauty and the Beast!

The lovely NYPD's Mounted Police in Times Square.

Ready for more, 'cuz I'm 4.


Happy Valentine's Day.

An "Out of this World!" restaurant - MARS 2112!!

Thanks, Mitchell and Matt!!!!

Painting at the Little Shop of Pottery.

This chemo is tough, but I am tougher!!!!

Shayla with her darling New York friend.

Shayla fell in love with Riva!!

Talented COSI Explorers bring excitement!

Jazzing Up the Adult Floor! 3/10/03

Becky brings love and fun to the Thomas Team!!!

Feeding the doggy!

N.Y. sightseeing!

With Becky on Empire State Bldg.

Sketching at the Met Museum of Art.  

Creating St. Patrick's Day art.

A spring like day in Central Park.

Feeding the doggies AGAIN!

Happy St. Pat's Day '03!

Watching the parade in front of The Plaza Hotel.

Identifying the flags outside of the United Nations.

Massive media coverage outside the U.N. (3/17)

Aspheresis (Collecting Stem Cells)

Have Laptop, Will Travel!

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Pet (Store) Therapy