Fall 2004 Photos

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Proudly wearing "Alex's Lemonade" shirts, before the race. (9/11/04)

Shayla participating in the run for the Cleveland Clinic. 9/11/04

Diagnosed exactly two years ago and still bravely fighting, Christi prepares to run in her first race. (9/11/04)

Tears pour from Mommy while Daddy congratulates Christi on finishing the 1/4 mile run.

Lord, thank you for two extra years with this special child!

With Olivia's beautiful family after dinner. (9/11/04)

Shayla in the planetarium. (9/11/04)

Playing at the Cleveland Natural History Museum. (9/1104)

Brave friends STILL bracing together through this fight.

Please pray! OliviaCrowley.com

Cousin Ashley & "Balto".

Reading with Awesome Ashley!

A proud "Little Clara Barton" waiting to receive her special award.

Christi & Shayla receiving the Red Cross's Top Honor. (9/14/04)

Christi giving her acceptance speech.

"Thanks to those who make blood transfusions possible to help people like me."

A "Pint Size" hero!

Christi & Grandma Nee Nee. 9/14/04

The Thomas Team!

With Grandma Nonee and Paw Paw.

At the Duck Race benefiting Hospice - a United Way agency caring for the terminally ill since 1983.

Sharing a quiet moment with Daddy in between serving customers.

Thank you to Hospice and the '04 Heritage Festival.

Thank you for supporting Alex's Lemonade Fund!!

Pouring a very special cup for a very special someone - Sister Gertrude!

Incredible 'Berg students waiting to buy their lemonade.

Thank you to Heidelberg's great Education Department.

Lovely supporters - THANK YOU! (9/21/04)

Friends gather for a great cause!

Christi answers the reporter's questions.

Being interviewed by the newspaper.

 Christi touched a lot of people during her big day on campus. Click here to read what some of the students had to say.

With Assistant Professor Lori Grine. (Shirts by "Rush", downtown Tiffin)


Making Carmel apples with Big Cousin Ashley.

The American Girls...........and Will.

Ashley in Action!!

Four Square fun - with cousins in Cincinnati.

Ashley performs her magic on Shayla's hair.

Christi with Cousin Deb.

Needle in chest to get Christi's blood drawn from her mediport.

Christi donates an "Amazing Alex" book to her wonderful school librarian.

I've missed Putt and Pond in a BIG way!*

Having a blast in Fostoria!*

Loving life at Putt and Pond!*

*Above photos by Emily Hois / Fostoria Review Times.

Christi's artwork for CHOP's 2005 Courageous Kids calendar.

Other "young artists" featrued in CHOP's calendar.

Look out Kindergarten! Here I come!

Thank you, Lord, for Dance Unlimited!

Christi with her beautiful ballet teachers.

Shayla lost her first tooth! Yahoo!

Shayne and his Dad in southern Kentucky.

Thanks to "the K's" a great country game of kickball!


Shayla horseback riding - WOW!!

Another tremendous treat at Grandpa's!

The Thomas Cousins arrive in Kentucky!

Another "McD's Playplace stop" on the long trip home while Christi fights car-sickness.

Science Center in Louisville, KY.

Life in Louisville.

City sketching!

Christi in the awesome Onyx Cave in Cave City, KY.

Spelunking Shayla.

Winnie the Pooh almost gets stuck!

Exploring 110 feet under.

Taking a break to sketch inside the cool cave.

I can squeeze through, but can Grandpa?

McDonald's playplace - a perfect stop to ease Christi's carsickness.

Kentucky Kiddos on the front porch!

Christi looks for 3rd base.

Notice Buttercup in the trailer!!!

Taking Buttercup for yet another bike ride.

Fun at Heidelberg College.

With 'Berg's awesome cheer coach - Kristin R.!

Christi's piano lesson with Sister at the School of Music.

Republic school grandparent program - A special night.

Republic school grandparent program - A special night.

Republic school grandparent program - A special night.

Congrats to Shayla a "Super Sib."

Sharing the "Boo"!

Shhhhh! Out "booing" some friends!

"St. Bernadette Salubrious" (Christi at religion class).

Grandma's neighbors are the best! Wow!

No, Mom! Don't eat any of my candy!

Trick or Treating at Heidelberg College!

Christi & Theresa: Fall Fun at 'Berg!

Can ya believe my Mom wore this same costume when she was little?

The perfect ending to a fabulous night! (teachers: Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Rickel!)

Trick or treating with Grandma Donna Oct. 28, 04.

Trick or treating with Theresa.

The awesome "Grandma's gang"!

Shayla with her kdg. class.

Christi and friends on "School Spirit Day".

SE Tiger Pride day at school.

Christi with Daddy in her "VIP seats" at the Presidential Rally - very cool!

"Princess Shayla" in her costume for the piano recital.

"Christi the Cat" performs at her recital.

Getting my blood counts checked - ugh!!

Voting on Election Day!

Cuddling with Ally & Eric.

This is how you color, Mr. Cook. Follow me!

Clowning around with Wonderful Webby!

Heading off for a fabulous time with Alicia & Eric.

It's a bird; it's a plane; it's Super Christi!!

LOVING "Full Blast" in Battle Creek, Michigan.

Thanks for the fun, Alicia & Eric!!

The Cooks make life too comfortable!

In honor of Alex Scott's life, Christi decorated this cookie like our "Alex's Butterfly" pins.

With my "Wonderful Webby"!!

Thanks for a fabulous weekend, Alicia!

Awesome MAW Holiday Party!

Christi & Santa at MAW!

Santa & Shayla (Naughty or nice?)

Fun in the "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom" room (Arizona).

Enjoying our wonderful cousins!!

At an awesome fine arts museum for children in Arizona.

The latest statues in Mesa!

This has to be one of the greatest museums in the USA!

"3D Art" Can you find a dancing Shayla?

Daddy put my costume on; I'm ready to dance!

3D Dance Exploration at the fine arts museum.

Thanksgiving Day 2004 at Cousin Josh's apartment!

Rock Climbing Sisters - Tempe, AZ.

Look out Pappago Buttes; here we come!

Great hiking shoes, Shayne!

Shayne and Shayla at the Phoenix Zoo Lights.

Feeling great and clowning around at Zoo Lights.

Counting blessings in Arizona!

Playing at Cousin Josh's in the Sun Valley.

Mexican Take Out / Pool Side - enjoying our final day with Josh.

Back in cold Detroit / Christi reads to Shayla while Daddy collects our luggage.

The tea set Christi made for Mommy's birthday.

Christi Claus decorates her tree.

Making the traditional ginger bread houses with Great Aunt Marty.

Playing "Doggie Day Care" with real dogs, wow!

Thank you, Aunt Marty!!

The gingerbread house Christi made.

Thank you, Cheri!!

With Daddy after the "Run like the Dickens" 5k.

Christi's Piano Recital 12/5/04.

Awesome Traci arrives all the way from Columbus!

"Christi in Concert" Piano Recital 12/04.

With piano teacher, Sister Marietta.

Thank you, Traci and COSI friends!!

Checking out 'Berg's ice castle at the Castle.

Shayla kicks while Christi waits her turn.

Karate Lesson.

Villanova volunteers at Philly RMH.

Pulling for the Ronald House.

Donating the pop tabs for a great cause- P.R.McD.H.!

Christi loves State Rep. Jeff Wagner.

Christi opens for Michael O'Brien.

"Christi in Concert"

A magical night with Santa and Michael O' Brien.

with Great Aunt Marty!!

Santa, December 2004.

Merry Christmas to you from the Thomas team.

Dancing with Santa.

Christi and friends 12/13/04.

Thanks, Mr. Bumb! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!! Enjoy your well deserved break!!

Styling Shayla at her school Christmas program.

At her very first Xmas program!

Christi gives Mrs. H. a corsage.

A MIRACLE: Christi at her first school music program.

Christmas at Grandma and Paw Paws, 2004.

Thanks, Grandma and Paw Paw!!

A blessed Christmas.

An American Girl and her Dolly and her Grandma.


Congrats Angela - a National Board Certified Teacher!