Spring 2004 Photos

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Spring is FINALLY here!

With sweet friends and sisters.

Betty Jane Preschool's Easter Bunny Luncheon.

Picture Chrisit drew for the Webmaster's pooch.

Making cookies for the Red Cross Blood Drive.

THANK YOU BLOOD DONORS from Christi and the Thomas Team!

Another hero gives blood!! (Thanks, Mike!)

Holding beautiful Mrs. Depinet's hand.

The Kings show their "badges of honor and courage!"

"It'll be okay, Mrs. Smith."

Christi's "My Little Pony" drawings.

With WTTF's Keith H. on the "Talk of Tiffin".

At the Ritz with Charlie Daniels (Thanks OFB).

It's a bird. It's a plane. It's a kite!!!

Backyard Kite Flying!

Happy birthday, Ann! We love you!!

Shayla shares a story at preschool.

Mommy made us "funny food" Octopus, fish and dolphins on seaweed (hee hee).

With awesome CCD teacher, Sandie.

Lord, hear our prayers.

With wonderful Father Joe after Mass.


Happy Easter 2004!

Fun at the YMCA's Bunny Hop.

Go, Christi, Go!

Working on her 1st Communion Poster.

Trying on the lovely 1st Communion dress with Carla W.

Gorgeous 1st Communion necklace from Christi's Godmothers.

Creating the art for the NCCF / Egg Roll Activity Book.

Christi's school picture, 2004.

Her eyes are so blue!

Time to color the eggs!

Future U Penn student???

Passing time at CHOP in between appointments.

CT in the CT.

With friends from Egypt.

MIBG scan time.

Getting ready for the marrows testing.

Recovering from the bone marrow tests.

Sweet U Penn Volunteers.

Fun at Ronald with RONALD!!

The thinker (or the stinker). Outside the Rodin Museum.

with beautiful Teaching Artist - Jerushia.

Getting to make their own puppets!

A FABULOUS time at "The Spiral Q Puppet Theatre" in West Philly.

A lovely day to enjoy the Trolley Tour of historic Philadelphia.

The kitty statue outside of the Betsy Ross house.

American Red Cross in DC.

Lincoln Memorial - 4/10/04.

Born on Shayla's Birthday - Abe Lincoln.

The lovely reflecting pool.

Enjoying our nation's capital - Wash. DC!

Christi for Congress!!

Shayla for Senate 2034!

Peering in at the White House.

Shayla near the White House.

Shayla at the Smithsonian.

Christi with NCCF's beautiful Jessica!!

Thank you, NCCF!!!!!

Thomas Team takes on the White House.

Shayla with Mama Bear.

White House eggs.

White House Easter Egg Roll 2004.

Shayla at the Egg Roll start line.

On stage with US Secretary of Education.

My future home???

At the start of the egg roll.

The traditional egg roll (2004).

Having fun despite the freezing temperatures and rain.

Is this Christi's "body double" or did Junie B. Jones put herself on the White House stage??

Proudly posing for the photographer.

Discussing the content of her upcoming interview.

Lights, Camera, Action!!!

Thank you NCCF for working for a cure!

Back at the warm hotel! Ahhhh!!

Great vault, Shayla!

After two long years, I'M BACK!!!

Now for my triple, flying, twisting, helicopter vault.....

President Angela presides over the NWOEA RA.

Angela with her dear friend, Lisa.

Discussing Math's exponents.

Cindy styles Christi's hair for the bessed event.

2nd graders enter church.

Lord hear our prayers.

Carrying the body of Christ.

Receiving the Blood of Christ.

Singing and signing about God's love.

Thomas Team celebrates God's gifts!

With FABULOUS religion teacher, Sandie.

We gather together in Praise and Thanksgiving!

First Communion Class.

An AWESOME catered meal by Uncle Dudley's (Willard) THANKS, Tom and Lori and all!!

Beth entertains the children at the Kids' Corner.

Sweet Spring arrives from Nashville!!

With her silly webmaster!

Uncle Dudley's yummy elderberry pie!

The love of family.

Christi with her Great Grandmas.

With a very special rosary from Mexico!

Sue's lovely cake! (& thanks also to Chemo Angel Peggy)

We love Uncle Dudley's Catering!

Mrs. Jeff Wagner made Christi a most fabulous gown. Thank you!

A reception filled with the love of God, family and friends!

Mrs. Cook & Eric talk with Gary.

Child of God!

Christi's First Holy Communion

A cross appears over the Thomas home following first communion!

"Close by or far apart you hold a place in my heart!" Christi S. Thomas

Passing time at a "boring" teachers' meeting.

In the State House!

Thank you, US Airways!!!!!!!

Getting my blood counts checked - AGAIN!

I'm wired!!!!!

Hanging out with Alex.

Welcome home & thank you, beautiful SE grad - Kelly E.!!!

Passing out her birthday party invitaitons.

Addressing the OEA Delegates

We love our OEA Family!

With Congressmen Ted Strickland.

A surprise for Mommy!!!

Awards Banquet - Columbus.

Little Dancer.

Trying to wait patiently.

Little Ballerina.

All dressed up!

Tom shares some bowling tips at Matt's bday party.

Shayla & Grandma Nonee.

A very Happy Mother's Day 2004!!

Happy Mother's Day Grandma and Great Grandma!

Happy Birthday, Matt!!

Friends celebrate at McDonald's!

Singing in the Rain (why not?!)

Sneaky surprise friends in action!

Is this any way to treat a sick kid?

You go, girl!

Thank you Harriet & Elizabeth for the best bday party ever!!

I'm SEVEN!!!!!!

Alex's Lemonade Stand - raising $$ for pediatric cancer research.

When life gives you lemonds, make lemonade!!

Bone marrows are over! Now I can finally eat!!!!

The final hurrah! WOW!!

Thank you, Emma!

Christi loved holding the sweet little baby!

873 tokens! Wasn't that a party?!!

We love Traci, oh, I mean "Harriet!"

Challenging Chuckie on her 7th bday!

Christine Shayna Thomas & friend.

Preferred photographers of Christi: The Picture People!

I'm nearly 7!

Child of God

Costume for Dance Unlimited's upcoming recital

Here's to smooth sailing!

Receiving the Sacrament of the Eucharist 4/18/04

Thank you, Lord for Christi!

Enjoying the birthday show.

Happy 7th Birthday, Christi!

Party Time in the National Theatre!

Time to make our puppets!

Columbus Children's awesome Dave arrives at the Ritz!

"I'm the birthday girl's sister!" said Shayla.

Bday Party at the Ritz!!!

Lovely cupcakes by "Aunt" Sherry!

Off to the next craft station!

Madcaps Show 5/17/04.

"Did you miss me, Dave? Check out my long hair!!"

Making necklaces!

Thank you, Lord for seven years with Christi!

It doesn't get any better then this!!

Uncle Gil lights my candles.

Making my wish....

"Stop, drop & roll," laughed Christi!

Fun Time with Friends & Teachers!

It's a jungle out there!! (BJ Preschool!)

Thank you, Flashes of Hope!

Washington DC (April 2004).

Friends will come and go, but sisters are forever!


After the pouring rains at the Egg Roll, picture time!