Winter 2004 Photos

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Shayla gives her list to Santa.

With Mr. & Mrs. Claus at P.R.McD.House.

The Star Spangled Banner (Check out that smile!)

Donating to a GREAT cause!!!

Shayla with the awesome Royals!!

Thank you, US AIRWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Fantasy Flight to the North Pole!!

Wishing the players well before the game.

The girls play musical chairs - on ice!

Being greeted by elves at the north pole.

Alex & Christi meeting the wonderful players.

Royals mascot gives a royal welcome!

Thank you, to the US Mint - Philly!!

"I'm in the money!"

Christi's dream career!!!

With the incredible mint artists.

Thank you blood donors!!!! (Another boring platelet transfusion)

Fun with our Arkansas friend!

Thank you, P.R.M.H.!!!!

Merry Christmas to the Christi Crew! We love you!!!!!!

Shayla and Santa at Ronald.

With Cindy (Check out my new do!!)

Christi congratulates her teacher.

With the new Mr. & Mrs. Rickell!!

With her SUPER hospital teacher.

Artist in Action!!!

The perfect Xmas Eve!

Merry Christmas, Daddy!

Merry Christmas, Mommy!

Christmas morn - here we come!

"We weren't that good!" said Shayla.

Thanks, friends!!!!!!!

Explaning the game to Paw Paw & Nonee.

Thank you, friends!

A lovely visit with "old" friends (hee hee!) Thanks, Cools!

Artist in Residence!

Lighting Jesus' Birthday Cake. Getting ready to sing!

The Cousins at Grandma & Paw Paw Joe's.

Giving the ducky she made to her big cousin.

Heading to see the Nutcracker by the Penn. Ballet.

World's Greatest MIBG Crew!!!

Fun at the Mummer's Parade in Philly! 1/1/04

Christi presents the Boy Scout & Sen. Huron Elem. School's check to Ronald!

Ready to go back to school!

Christi sells Girl Scout Cookies to Grandma.

Shayla's 1st "Show and Tell" experience.

Shayla takes "Kitty Thomas" to preschool.

Practicing writing my name in cursive!

Bowling Fun - Happy 5th Bday Brenna!!

Christi & Mommy enjoy a special time in Fremont.

Shayla's first time on the ice!

Angela with NEA President - Reg Weaver and NWOEA friends in Baltimore.

Sledding time with Daddy!

Loving McDonald's new play place!

Heading out to the hospital to get my blood checked.

Talking to a sweet little friend.

Thank you to the Young Artist program of N.C.C.F.!!!

Making her presentation to 23 fourth graders.

Ouchy Owie! (CRA's effect on her skin)

Snow Girls!

Trying to answer a question while sharing about "Endangered Animals".

Happily shopping with her teacher at the Book Fair.

Beautiful outfits by Kelly A.!!!

Christi surprises Shayla with a cake she made for her.

Relaxing in State Representative & Mrs. Wagner's home.

Shayla's five!

Happy 5th Bday!


Ballet Time!

Shayla with Mommy & Daddy.

It's great to be alive, when you are five!

Happy Birthday, Sissy!

The Beanie Christi sewed for Shayla.

Thanks for the Valentine gifts, Grandpa!!

Lora and sweet baby Lainey.

Fun in Lora & Chris's pool.

Shayla & Alex in Tempe.

The look of determination!

Rock Climbing!

Phoenix Bound!

Traveling in Style! (Book, art & snacks)

Shayla missed Cousin Josh!

We really missed you, Aunt V!

Bday games with new Spanish speaking friends.

Shayne with his Sis!

Shayla broke the pinata with her third hit!

Thanks Aunt V for the best "5" celebration!

Sketching on the buttes.

Shayne climbed to the top of Papago!

Touring Tempe Town Lakes.

Lunch near ASU with Aunt V.

Sisters in the Sun Valley.

Valentine's - 2nd grade style!

Christi on her very first school valentines day

Happy Valentine's Day 2004!

Author/Illustrator shares her "published" book Roatho's Roar with the 1st grade.

Looking "pretty in pink".

Morning snuggles.

Giving Ally some luvin'.

Ally and the Webmaster perform tricks for Christi & Shayla.

Shayla enjoys a famous "Louie's" bunny cookie... poor bunny.

Playing in the Cook's new shower.

Welcome to Kellogg's Cereal City USA!

Greeted by Tony and Tony Jr.

We think Tony is

Eric and Shayla watch how cereal is made.

Learning how corn flakes are made.

The newest "froots" in Froot Loops.

Future Kellogg artist and her work.

Seneca East Preschool Story Time with the AWESOME Mrs. Bayer!

"Always Think Spring!" said Christi after creating this art.

Kitty Thomas "helps" with homework.

My hair is FINALLY long enough for piggy tails!!!!

Sisters Forever!!!