Fall 2005 Photos

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After school fun with sweet friends

Campground Fun!

Armed with a "Super Soaker"

Fun with Silly Glasses

Capturing Christi's handprints

Living like a Princess with the Leis familiy

Recess Joy!

Brave Christi! (On the 3rd anniversary of her diagnosis 9/11)

Jazz at Heidelberg!

Memory of Christi

Christi Keepsake

The scar on her back is the only outward sign of her cancer

An unbelievable surprise party!  THANKS, COSI!

COSI friends create an amazing night!

Heading to COSI in style!!

4th grade field trip

She's electric!

Greeting the Godfreys!

Fabulous party planners!

Fun with the Captain (Mr. COSI)

Ahhhh - Back where we first met!

Go, Daddy, Go Daddy!

Couldn't get enough - back to COSI for day #2

Sisters at play 9/10/05

Christi & Daddy ride "the flusher"

Pretty in Pink

Thomas team (9/2005)

Shayla, Shayne, Christi & Angela

3 years after her diagnosis

Thank you, NBC Toledo (Ch. 24)

With 'Berg's Amazing Lori!

Shirts by RUSH business. Thanks!!

Daddy with the beautiful news reporter

The sweetest of customers!

Mom & CT celebrating a blessed event!

Thank you to 'Berg's Education Majors!!

Free manicures at the beauty school

Making Daddy cry

Modeling Mommy's wedding gown & flowers

Pull Tabs from Fremont St. Joe CC (Thanks, Jennifer!!)

'Berg students' eyes say it all

Panting and Carving Pumpkin Night 2005

Cousin Josh is in from Arizona!

Shayla with Great Grandma

CT with Great Grandma

Aunt Vaunie arrives from Phoenix

Shayla's bunny & Christi's cat cuddle

With miles of hope for cancer research

Miles of Hope - Fred's Team

Imagine a world without cancer

Christi & Michael at CHOP – April 2005

Awesome Fremont St. Joe students!

Loving Red Cross Volunteers.

Joking with Jennifer

Helping Grandma Nonee

On WTTF's "The Talk of Tiffin"

An awesome "Old Fort Bank Guy"!

Shayla's school pic (Fall 2005, 1st grade)

Christi's school pic (Fall 05) 4th grade

Christi in her 4th grade class play

Traci & Katie's little ones hold a stand in Ill.

Shayla watches the Superintendent carve.

Heidelberg College Football game

'Berg Cheerleaders' Mini-Camp day

Remembering Jay NY05

Suffering the 19th mile

The amazing Aubrey

Signs of support along the race route.

Shayne finishes the NYC Marathon - running on "Fred's Team" for cancer research at MSKCC.

A night on the town

Christi & Aunt Marty's ponies

Friends or sister? (Shayla and Veronica)

Thank you - Jeff & Marty!

Christi & Jenn share a special moment

Shayne running the NYC Marathon

He did it!

Christi with Mommy's Faculty Advisor - Dr. Dillard

CT & Emma

Test Week Help from Traci!!

"Lemonade for Love" at OSU

Thanks, Middle Childhood Ed.!

Grandma Nonee lights a candle for Christi in Bethlehem!!

With NBC 24 Toledo's beautiful Melissa!

Christi answers Melissa's questions

Mom, did I tell you I invited the news crew to Thanksgiving?

First Thanksgiving together since 2001!!!

Christi & Shelby catch up on Thanksgiving

Shayla makes the first snowball of the season!

Shayla with her teacher (Mrs. Rombach) at the Christmas program.

Shayla with some friends.

Shayla with her fabulous music teacher.

Cleaning the kitchen or doing the congo? (Xmas 05)

Ashley shares her knitting with Christi

Christi gives cousin Will a horsey ride

Shayla with her favorite Disney characters – Chip & Dale!

Queasy Christi on the first night up in her little bunk.

A big sloppy, wet smooch for Christi!

Shayla dances with Flipper!

A hug for Christi

Shayla gets a smooch from a dolphin at the Dolphin Encounter in the Bahamas !

“Wow!  It’s really Cinderella,” thinks Shayla – dressed
as a "mini Cinderella" for the night.

Receiving directions from Captain Henry, Christi “steers” (wink!) the Disney Wonder while sweet Officer Karen and Eric & Alicia look on from the Bridge.

Christi & Shayla are playing in the “Mickey Pool”

Wonderful Webby creates a sand lizard!

The girls with their new "beach buddy", Minnie

With Chef Winston and our servers at Triton’s restaurant.

Our lobster dinner by Chef Winston – incredibly amazing!  Thanks, Disney!

Christi THRILLED to be at the Gear family Xmas!

Radiation - to try to kill the new tumor (12/05)

A last minute chat with Santa

Daddy helps get all of Shayla's "stuff" ready for surgery.

Shayla with beautiful "Nurse Becky".

With Santa (Dec. 23, 05)

Reflecting upon the meaning of the season.

A fabulous fun family game!!

Silent Night, Holy Night - many blessings!

Christi wrote a poem and wrapped herself up for Mom's gift.

Shayla loves her gifts!!


Shayla LOVES her American Girls hat!!

Check out this incredible, personalized quilt!  WOW!!

Squeals of delight!!!  Yes, she likes it!

Thomas team (Xmas morning 2005)

Very blessed American Girls!


Christi's school Xmas pic - 2005 (4th grade)