Spring 2005 Photos

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Thanks, Great Aunt Mary!

And they're off!

Egg Hunt Time!

With Mom on Easter morning

He is risen! 

Easter 2005!

Coloring eggs to leave out for the bunny.

A wonderful party at the library.

It's almost recital time!

Thanks for saving your soda pop tabs!

Christi wrote, "My dad rocks!"

Happy to be back in Philly! April 2005.

MIBG time:  waiting for the machine to close tight around me.

Fun at the U Penn bookstore.

With NB IV fighter - Michael!

Before piano recital with Grandma Nee Nee.

With Grandma Nonee April 2005.

At church, singing with Cousin Shelby.

Alex & Christi's Lemonade Stand.

Shayla Karate Performance.

Christi's 2005 School Picture.

Shayla's 2005 School Picture.

Shayne "high 5s" the girls during the race.

Balto's Back in Cleveland!!

Christi plays for her Great Grandma Gear

Let the party begin!

Entirely too much fun at Libby Lu's!

It's a Rockin 8th Birthday Party!

Oops! Had a little too much fun!

Dancing the night away!

What a party!

Tossing Pennies / Making Wishes.

Ice Cream Treats.

A Splashing Good Time!

A Slumber Party to remember!

One very blessed Mom on Mother's Day 2005!

At the Father / Daughter Prom with her favorite guy.

Dancing the Night away at the Girl Scout Prom.

Christi's 8th birthday (May 12, 2005).

The Bday girl with Mom and Dad.

Fun with Shelby.

Cake and Ice Cream time!

Racing or clowing around?! (Alan's Memorial Duathalon)

Christi & Webby

Girls with the Cook's beautiful doggies

The Cooks cheer on Shayne to the finish line

A pre-race photo - go, boys!!

Famiy "fight" over the new photos

Christi's ready for the June recital

Some tu-tu action from Shayla

Promoting the Poker Run & Lemonade Stand on the radio

Christi on WTTF's "The Talk of Tiffin" - live

With grandma after painting a mural on her wall!!!

Sweet folks regsiter and work the fundrasier

Chrsiti and "Emma" ready for the big day

Ready to lead the parade

Lined up to head out on the highway

Oh, I love a parade!

Christi holds her thank you sign as the riders continue on

Thank you, everyone!

Thank you, all!

Experiencing stage fright, getting a little pep talk

Rocking with "8up"

An awesome band - thanks, 8up!

Being presented with a shirt - "To grow into"

Forget about all that cancer stuff and learn how to play guitar!

Dancing to 8up with Grandma

"Pouring" out their love!

"Sweet" Seneca East students

More awesome SE kids

Afleet Alex items

Christi takes a break from pouring

Thank you generous supporters!

WOW!! US Congressman - Paul Gillmor!!

Burning through the lemonade on a VERY HOT day!

Breaking with a "squeezable" friend

Accepting an amazing donation - THANK YOU!

A living testament of Alex's work, Christi Thomas!

Shayla arrives at "The Ritz Theatre"

Shayla at her dance recital (2nd from right)

Christi - far left

Doing the Bunny Hop - kidding! (Christi far left)

Hugging Daddy after her fine performance

Greeting her loving fans

All the way from Columbus - COSI and Crew!

The Magnificent Murrays!

Beautiful inside and out - Amanda!

Hugs and Kisses from family

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More kisses from another great Grandma!