Summer 2005 Photos

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Wearing shades: CT - 2nd from left

Ritz Theatre Camp "Sleeping Beauty"

A couple of American Girls

Brunch with the Magnificent Marks

Veronica & Shayla pick up where they left off

Two years later - back in Times Square!

Hand-in-hand to Candyland

W/ Amazing Dr. Kushner

"Hospital Teacher - Anne Marie!"

Daddy after his Central Park Run

A splendid lunch at the Boat House, wow!

The Thomas Team at the Cloisters (6/05)

With our very own, VERY special Met Guide - Nitza!

An incredible NYC dinner party!

Ballreichs chips made it to NYC!

Discussing Pablo Picasso's work

Enjoying Moma! (Museum of Modern Art)

Shayla - Central Park Zoo

Balto!!!!!!!! (in NYC's Central Park)

At CHOP: ready for bone marrow testing

The Constitution Center - in Philly

Our Philly friends!!!! We THANK YOU!!

Thanks, friends! (Donating your tabs to Ronald)

Waiting patiently at CHOP

Tic-tac-toe helps pass the time

The incredibly awesome neuroblastoma expert - Dr. Maris!!

Yet another scan

July 4, 2005 (age 8)

Heading out for her first horse ride

Christi & Shayla's first horse riding lessons

Ride to Work program - inner city Philadelphia

With Kaye and Crew

Amy & Christi

American Girls Store

Summer Fun with Theresa

Enjoying the fair with Kay

Christi & Eric at Cedar Point

"Webby" and Christi head out on Lake Erie

The Thomas team - August 2005

4th Annual Toledo Zoo Tr

Girls Day! (August 12, 2005)

Dog's revenge

Getting wired! August 2005

At the UPenn Animal Hospital

Christi's great friend

"The serious picture" (with her 4th grade teacher)

Christi's Favorite: SCIENCE TIME!!!!

Thomas girls in stripes!

Photo taken by her 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Smith

Ahhh, 4th grade! It doesn't get any better than this!

Christi waiting to leave for school

Shayla arrives in first grade

With her wonderful teacher, Mrs. Rombach

Happy First Day of School, dear Mrs. Smith

Shayla and Mrs. Rombach after school

Goofing around after school with a gem of a teacher

Out on the trail!

Caring for Blazer

Read to ride "Rooster".

With wonderful Aunt Marty

Morning Ritual: Cuddle with Buttercup

Christi & Mommy - August 2005

Arriving back in the barn after the storm

Down on the farm!

Jacuzzi with Daddy!

The old gray mare just ain't what she used to be!!

Anxiously awaiting chore time!

"More fun" (Staying in the horse barn)

On the horseback riding trail

Angela, Christi & Shayla's horses cross the creek

Shayla with her bunny

Shayne at his company picnic (Oh my! So funny!)

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