Winter 2006 Photos

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Christi & Paul Jones support the SE Tigers!
(December 2005)

With Cousin Shelby in Florida – Jan. 06

Christi & Angela made it to Florida!

Swimming with Cousin Shelby!

Swing, Christi!! Fun at Nonee & Paw Paw's!

Challenging treatment - Jan. 06

Phase II trial: 
hu14.18 - IL 2

Owie!  Ouchies!  Tough Stuff!

Jazz class!

Ballet at Dance Unlimited

First time wearing Pointe shoes.

Megan tells how to first prepare the toes

Interview with the Red Cross

Skating with Kaylyn (Jan. 29, 06)

Christi & Jennifer

Shayla and friends

Christi’s at ballet class “Dance Unlimited” Jan. 24, 2006

Thank you Shari for traveling with Christi & Angela!

With fellow NBIV relapsed fighter, sweet Penelope! 

Reunited with Daddy at CHOP (Feb. 06)

Puzzle Time!

Hand Delivered right to CHOP!  WOW!

American Girl with the newest American Girl!

Happy at the Penn Bookstore!

Ugly Disease, Beautiful Child!

Which one is Miss America 2006?

Checking out Miss America's crown!

Ben & Jerry's with Mom & Dad

A break at the Ronald House in Philly

She painted this in her room at CHOP.

A "handy" blanket from the sweet school kids.

2/9/06 Receiving blood and platelets (Ohio).

Only for a day, but back at school!


With her wonderful Principal, Mr. Powers!