Fall 2002 Photos

Below are some pictures of Christi that we have taken after her diagnosis. Be sure to check out the other Photo pages for even more pictures.

Finding comfort in Big Bear

Christi teaches a Med. Student about anatomy

Father Joe does the "Annointing of the Sick" - September '02

Christi with her oncologist (Dr. Mandy)

With another first grade cancer patient, Delaney

Off for more tests

Opening a gift with Daddy

HUGE bear!

Mr. Sunny brings some cheer

Playing computer with Delaney

Christi with her nurses

Christi with her fabulous first grade teacher (and now tutor) Mrs. Lisa Rombach. Christi absolutely adores this fine lady who is totally amazing!!

Christi with her new hair do!

Shayla's New Hair Cut!

Mom's New Do (Photo by Christi)

Daddy with a new haircut... or is this the "Mr. Clean" man? You be the judge.

Fun with father mark

With teacher (and kitten - Buttercup)

Outside with Daddy

The dragon in front of the castle (Sept. 28)

Clowning with Dr. Bonehead from Mansfield, Ohio

Lovely and Kind 16 year old Volunteer - Jordanna

Shannon takes an interest in Christi's art

Art Therapy (origami)

Christi LOVES smiley fish on her floor! (Notice Dad's Blue's Clue's head - what a GREAT dad!!)

A fun event!

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Music Therapy with Hospital Volunteer AND Mom of Angela's former Miss Ohio roommate (Miss Ohio '90) Kristin Huffman

Sisters at the computer

Presenting her planetarium show

A great day at home! (Oct. 5, 02)

Thanks, Neag Center for Gifted Ed. in Conn.

Daddy teaching Christi central line care on "Baby Broviac"

See my new braids?! hee hee

A Booooootiful Exam! hee hee

Pumpkin Painting!

Unbelievable Friends! Thank you!

Japanese Tea Ceremony

A COSI Explorer's Society Honorary Member!!!

Bubble Time Fun!

Christi reads to Shayla

Thanks for sharing your horses, Aunt Marty!

Thank you Donnelley's Employees! (Grandpa Vince is smiling from heaven.)

Look at the minature horses!!

Loving these blocks!

Art time fun!

Thanks to our new friends at JELLY BELLY!!!!!

Checking back in... look at all the "loot"!

Creating Animal/Insect Cookies

A Special Visit from Cousins Shelby & Ashley

COSI Explorers bring surprise and cheer to a mini-explorer!

Talking to Grandma

Co-founder of Hope Street Kids - in memory of his beautiful daughter, Caroline Pryce Walker - a neuroblastoma victim

Making the Best of a Bad Situation

Teaching Mommy how to draw dogs

A badly needed nap during chemo

Locks of Love (heee hee!)

S.E. grad and current New Albany teacher, Miss Benner tutors Christi

Snuggle time

It Takes Two! (Hey, don't disturb my drawing!)

A wonderful visit from Bath and Body Works!

Bingo at Children's with Volunteer Extrodinare - Dave!!

Homemade Food Delivered to the Hosptial - Thanks, Mary!

Math.Com's Lemonde Stand Rocks!!

Dr. Wendy locates the 1st grade girls in the TEEN room!

A cat family poster

The new look

What a purrrr-fect mask for Halloween!

Christi with her Beloved Kitten

Shayla and Daddy at 1 AM!

Every Good Doctor First Washes Her Hands

A sign at a cat shelter in the Mansfield area

Christi decorates for her Trick or Treat Party

Testing out costume ideas

Christine Shayna Thomas

Drawing with Buttercup's Assistance

Putting on a Care Bears Show

Making "Ghosts in the Graveyard"

Creating a Merry-Go-Round

Official Artist! (Thanks, Miss C.!)

Original artwork by Christi

Loving this borrowed keyboard!!

Sylvester & Tweety take Dorothy Trick or Treating

Laughter from Mrs. Rombach and Don!

Cheer from Grandma Nonee & Paw Paw Joe

Love from the Bowermans! (Danny - you won FIRST place in Christi's costume contest! congratulations!!!!!)

Dorothy, The OZ, and the Witch of the West meet The Cat in the Hat

Wizard of Oz and Cat in the Hat

Thanks, Republic School PTO!

Artist in Training (She wanted to paint a tiger to give to her school.)

Mrs. Rombach listens to Christi's concert

Doing Math Waiting for her Bone Marrow Test (Nov. 5)

Loving Godmother (and Aunt V) shaves her hair off for Christi!

The "Art Princess" receives lessons from her school art teacher

Enjoying books with Shayla

A Concert for Buttercup

The Healing Powers of Uncle Dudley's Food!

Art with Shayla

Performing A Duet Concert on J5

Christi's Nurse Practitioner - Robin R.

Waiting for Chemo to Start

Thank you, Kenton!! Best Wishes, Wildcats!

Learning to play the recorder

Story Time Hospital Style 

An IV Pole Won't Slow Me Down!

Reading with her Hospital Teacher - Heather Barnes

Happy Half Birthday (5 1/2)

Music Therapy Session

Christi "drives" to the dog show

God bless you Mary, Angie and Friends!!!

Art for the bald headed twinkies!

Bringing Seneca East Spirit to Columbus!

Former exchange student, Mika, and her husband Katsu fly in from Japan just to meet Christi

Oh so yummy!!!!!

Blues Clues - LIVE in concert!!

Awesome S.E. teachers display their many talents in the front yard!

Betty Jane Preschool Teachers bring cheer!

Nov. 21, 2002 (Children's Hospital)

Wonderful neighbors clear the drive during the freak November snowstorm.

Wonderful "Christi Can" Supporters

"Nature" a poem by Christi
(Click HERE to read Christi's poems from the Thanksgiving Journal!)

Science with fabulous Mrs. Smith

Playing with the Nativity set and adding a few extra animals.

Ceramic Time!

Nee Nee shows Christi her new Thomas Team haircut. Thanks, Grandma!!

Friends we don't deserve deliver a wedding anniversary celebration.

Seeing the pretty Christmas lights in Upper Sandusky

A moment with wonderful nurse, Teal

Leaving the MRI with fabulous nurse Sally

These wires are cold!! (EKG and ECHO time)

Merry Christmas from Christi!

The "sleepy doctor" waits for Christi to awaken after her bone marrow test.

Christi only asked Santa for "Health and happiness for everyone." (Dec. 4th 02 / COSI)

Congrats, Kenton! Thank you, Curtis! Best Wishes Ben Mauk!

Christmas Kitty

World's greatest teacher in the make-shift classroom

Making lemonade with Daddy

A most humbled thank you to Santa and his Helpers (Groveport Madison Bus Drivers and Monitors and Staff)

Awesome hospital employee, Brad, shares his many talents with Christi.

Enjoying this time together.

Daddy's the best!

Christi Claus delivers candy canes to nurses and patients.

Christi's first exercise in over 90 days!! What a joy!!

Getting Buttercup back after her surgery at OSU.

Unbelievable Surprise!!

Reading from her first thick chapter book.

A concert for Larry and Kathy!

Wonderful Lisa explains the stem cell harvest process.

With one of Christi's favorite staff members - MINDY!

A lovely Christmas program!

Thank you Girl Scout Troop 380!!

Don't bother me Chrissy; I'm practicing!

Fun with Home Depot!

Creating the traditional gingerbread house with Aunt Marty.

State Representative Jeff Wagner and fellow church members come caroling!

An anonymous Santa and a beautiful elf bring great joy to the door!

Elf Shayla and Daddy discuss healthy recipes.

Snuggle Time

Merry Christmas, 2002!!

Drawing lessons for Grandma Donna.

The "Thomas Team" celebrating Christmas 2002.

Feeding the reindeer on Christmas Eve.

A modified snowball fight for the shut in! Look out, Christi!

Bringing the snow in for Christi. Snowman time, bathtub style!!

Goodbye, sweet baby Shayla! We'll miss you!

Goodbye, Buttercup!

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Ashley, Shelby, Nonee and Tina say goodbye.