Before Diagnosis Photos

Here are some pictures of Christi taken before her diagnosis of cancer. Be sure to check out the other Photo pages for even more pictures.

Christi coloring a picture to give her teacher before school one morning.

Christi wanted to give her teacher a "yellow" basket and yellow flowers on the first day of school because she knew this was her teacher's favorite color. (August 20, 02)

Christi loved eating her breakfast in Mommy's kindergarten room waiting for her school day to begin.

Take me out to the ball game. Go Indians!

Christi at the Great Lakes Science Center (July 2002)

Feeding the Animals (African Wildlife Safari Park - August '02)

Cleveland Rocks!! Cleveland Rocks!!

Christi with her gifted education teacher

Christi and sister, Shayla in Dallas, Texas (July 02)

Christi has that Tiger spirit!

Happy 5th Birthday (May 2002)

The Thomas Family

With sister Shayla (3 1/2 years old)

Christi is a Heidelberg College fan

First day of school with teacher

Life's not always a day at the beach

Zoo Trip with "Grandma" Donna and friends

Christi's ballet troup

With Shayla (taken August 28, 02)

With Shayla

Christi's favorite color is yellow

"Hopping" I get cured soon!!

Aloha! Dress Up Time!

Disneyland (July 2001)

With M-I-C-K-E-Y

Modeling at the Cheer Style Show (Aug. 9, 02)

Dr. Seuss's Cat in the Hat with Things One and Two (Reading to the school kids - March 2002)

Santa with Christi

With Sister Elaine Marie

May 2002


Beautiful Lake Erie

Shopping for school supplies

Their bond shall not be broken

Just hanging around.

Peek-a-Boo pumpkin. Baby Christi
October 1997


Baby Christi
(Dec. 1997)